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3 years ago
Good looking game, very nice art. GB music is just the best. Haven't try a Premium but I'm missing some ramp action on the Pro. Outlanes without rubber makes it next to impossible to nudge. To much of the gameplay send to ball up at the back of the playfield.
5 years ago
I'm a big fan of Taxi and Diner is very similar. It's definitly a great looking machine that will attract anyone, young and old. It's true the upper playfield is crowded and I wish I could see more the E-A-T lane but the display right above is a neat idea to solve the problem.

It can be punishing when playing fast as you know that you are leaving tons of points on the field. This is the mark of a great pinball coming back to it. Not super deep but still a few things to do and a cool ball locking mecanism and multi-ball get can though imo. The skill shot is repetitive and not super rewarding as in Taxi or other games.
5 years ago
My first pin, can't get enough. Each game is different. Lots of modes, lots of multi balls, lots of objectives.