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By pleasespammelate

October 05, 2018

6 months ago

I’m an EM guy (I have a 1972 Gottlieb Grand Slam and a 1975 Bally EM slot machine) and I actually love fixing them more than playing them.

My favorite things are seeing/hearing the score reels reset and the knocker firing! I’m a computer engineer by trade, so I’m just fascinated what those guys were able to accomplish with just relays, stepper units, and a score motor. I’m also fascinated about the history of pinball (I’ve read Marco’s Complete Pinball Book and Jeff Lawton’s Bingo Pinball War).

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6 months ago
oh i love em pins! sometimes i get mood to watch some em pins and hear the amazing bell sounds not just electronic sounds on newer pins. also i love the spinners on em when they start to spin and you hear a bell and scoring wheel sounds same time and it really sounds amazing! also many em table are rechenal pin titles not based on movie or something and that is unique and yes the history of pinball is interesting! wish good luck to progress your collection!

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