I’m New‍♀️

I’m New‍♀️

By Playstation

December 11, 2018

37 days ago

Hi all!  I recently took a management position at a local bar that has about 8 pinball machines.  Looking for any advice.  What ones are best and maybe getting in on tournaments or something fun!  Can’t wait to learn everything I can about PINBALL!!

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20 days ago
what state you live in?
16 days ago
Welcome to Pinside!
As with everything, pinball is filled with opinion. You will never get a unanimous "Best" list of pinball machines. Putting time on each machine is a great way to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, your judgment is best. I recommend looking at tutorials and reviews on youtube or twitch, for strategies. My advice for getting started with tournaments is to attend some for yourself and get the feel for how they run. Additionally, watch the live streams on Twitch, especially the ones of tournaments.
16 days ago
I just came from that place. It's in Bridgeport Michigan.
10 days ago
If it were my business, I would consider selling all 6, and buying 3 current and popular machines. I think you'd attract more traffic and money with no or minimal investment. Might not be a popular idea with the management, but it would increase business, imo.
9 days ago
I'm in 90% agreement with Def., maybe keep Pirates, sell the rest and get a Walking Dead, Star Trek, and/or an updated version of Medieval Madness

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