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10 months ago
So I have only owned this for one day - and I will revisit the rating if need be - but I just don't see anything changing.

This game warrants the highest rating (excellent) in every single category. And part of the problem with the rating system, in general, is that if a game quality is at least good, you can only mark it good or excellent. Many elements of GnR CE are so far beyond what would still otherwise be worthy of an excellent rating. This includes the theme and integration, the music and sounds, the artwork and animations, the lighting and fun factors. In some categories there are simply no other games that come close, even in the categories in which they themselves warrant excellent ratings.

The sound quality is amazing and can be made crazy loud. I don't even have my topper installed yet and it is still incredible. The number of full songs - with full video - is impressive. And the artwork. Just wow. Between the beauty of the machine, playfield and all - and the lights and video - the experience is wholly immersive. And there is so much to do on the game - and plenty of challenging shots. I find the game plays very fast compared to other machines. There are a variety of combination shots/ramps/loops to try to stack and the ball speed makes doing so challenging. The playfield layout does a great job of packing a lot in. It seems like there are always plenty of different main and minor goals (shots) to make to advance your progress. The rules are certainly deep and this is not a game that a good 30 minute game takes you from start to finish and back again.

The build quality on my machine is top notch. The attention to detail, both physically in and on the machine and in the sound/music/effect integration is second to none.

The CE sets a new standard of greatness. And if you are trying to convince yourself or anyone otherwise, then I would venture to guess you have neither played nor seen a CE in person. It is that amazing.
12 months ago
One of the best of its day and still great today. I don't find it to be as great as the sequel - Revenge from Mars - but still a machine you can't go wrong playing or owning. I find it to be a really good shooter. There is enough to do to keep it fun and challenging, though like pretty much every game, it will eventually get repetitive. Even then, you will still want to keep playing.
12 months ago
This is an under-rated machine. Sure, it isn't very hard. And it can get repetitive fairly quickly. But it is a lot of fun and those not playing pinball on a daily basis will enjoy the theme, presentation and execution. I would recommend this for someone looking for a 'family' machine in the 'reasonable' price range this is usually listed for.
12 months ago
I love this game. While it is not the most challenging for strong players, it is, nonetheless, still incredibly fun. Great theme and integration and different in a number of ways from most other games of the era.
12 months ago
An overall great game. One of the best of its era and still worthy when compared to the games of today. Even if you are not a fan of the theme, there is enough variety and shots to keep you coming back.
1 year ago
A great game and one of my all-time favorites. I have probably played this game thousands of times throughout the years and have not grown tired of it. It is challenging enough for even competitive players. The variety of goals and shots, some more difficult than others, the ability to repetitively loop, the theme and humor all combine to make this one of the best.
1 year ago
I owned a Wipe Out for several years. The features and sounds will catch your attention and either pull you in or push you away fairly quickly. The problem is that even if it pulls you in, you probably aren't going to stay long if you are more than a casual player. The game is just too boring and did not have that 'one more game' lastability quality for me. Kids like this machine. Snowsports people like this machine. Those who haven't played it 100 times like this machine. As other reviews have mentioned, this game does have some positive qualities; I just didn't find them compelling enough to consider keeping the machine. And while mine left my possession well over a decade ago, I doubt I would even play one again if found out in the wild.
1 year ago
Used to spend hours playing this game and it was time then well spent. While it certainly is not a complicated game and ruleset, it does have a better-than-average fun factor when compared to most other games of its era. By today's standards, it's still a game I would play occasionally - but not more than a few times before moving on. I enjoy most of the other modern pool (and other) themed machines much more. Aside from nostalgic purposes, I would rather own and play something from the 90's and beyond. And to be fair, I would rather play and own Eight Ball Deluxe than machines from the 60s and 70s.
1 year ago
This is one of the most fun machines out there and no matter how much I play, still keeps me coming back for more. In some aspects, this is the best game out there. But in other categories, especially in the light of much newer games, it is absolutely not even close to the top. Overall, still one of the best packages in a machine and a highly recommended machine to own or even just play.
1 year ago
One of the best pins ever made and a great game for players of all ages. I played this game for hours a day for what seemed like years before I bought mine. Kept it a long time and only sold it when I moved and didn't have space to keep. There is a lot to do and everything ties together well. This game never failed to please (except when the truck would act up) and you could never go wrong adding it to your collection if you have the chance.
1 year ago
I owned one for several years and while it isn't a terribly complicated game, especially compared to much newer pins, I found it fun to play a few games on it on a regular basis. Compared to other games from its era, this is one of the better ones I have played. I think the level of difficulty and enjoyment making the shots are well balanced to the point where you keep wanting to and keep thinking you can do better if you play it one more time. This isn't a game I miss owning, but it is one I would surely play a few times if encountered out in the wild.
1 year ago
I owned a Who Dunnit for many years and found it to be a really fun machine to play. Novices and kids loved the theme and the play - but strong players will find it a bit too easy and the scoring isn't ideally balanced. Only other real knock is the music and call-outs are repetitive. If you don't like that haunting who-dunnit mystery music, this isn't a game for you to buy. But what an awesome theme in a machine with a great amount of virtual toys and variety. Roulette, slots, up and down elevators - all while solving the crime and then catching the perp. This game really puts it all together and even though I played it a thousand times or more, I miss having one. One of the better overall games of its era, in my opinion. And one with broad appeal (though you are solving murders).
1 year ago
This game is so under-rated. I owned one for 10 plus years and it regret having sold it (along with most of my collection) when moving a while back. From the jump rope to the punching bag to the interactive boxer to the unique boxing match theme, this game is absolutely fantastic. Kids and adults alike love this game. My only real criticism is that it isn't an overly difficult game for an experienced player - though it takes a long game to beat the game. Even so, I would find myself playing it at least weekly when I had mine and now constantly think of picking up another someday. I think this is one of the better family machines out there and one of the best games of its time as well.
1 year ago
An awesome, under-rated, game. There is a lot packed into this machine and the music is fantastic. This machine rocks and looks fantastic even 25 plus years after being released. I've owned dozens of machines throughout the years and there are only a handful I wish I had back after selling. This was one I had to go track down more than a decade later and am happy I did. To the complaints about the sound - this sounds great stock for a pinball machine, especially considering the era. Doesn't mean it cannot be improve, but try to show me a pin of its day with music sounding anywhere near this good: you can't. To those who complain it is repetitive: every machine is repetitive; GnR is no more repetitive than my MM or AFM was. The bottom line is that the theme, music, goals, shots and overall play are a lot of fun - much moreso than the typical machine. I used to play in (and occasionally even won) pinball leagues and would play pinball for hours each and every day. I cannot say this is the most difficult or challenging machine to play for the experienced player, but that seems to be my thoughts on almost everything I have owned.
1 year ago
I have owned over 100 pins (not all at once) throughout the years including most of the top 100 made before this one, and, for a variety of reasons, at one point was down to only one - and this is it. I have had mine since 2000, have played it thousands of times and still absolutely love it. The combination of the video animations reflected onto the playfield and the multiple (sometimes moving) targets give you a lot to do. The humor in the game is awesome, and the easter eggs are also a plus. Sure, there are a lot of Pinball 2000 haters out there who just don't like how different this was from everything else at the time - but those who have given it a chance will understand just how good this game is. Set up as intended, this game is fast and far from easy. But even when made easier, it will take you a very long time to conquer all. I find it much more challenging and less repetitive than AFM, which is also a great game. Overall, RFM is a great game all the way around and the total package is one of the best out there. Probably the best pinball bang for the buck at the moment.