Shared joy is best

Shared joy is best

By Play4Fun

January 08, 2018

1 year ago

When I first started playing in the early 90's with titles such as The Addams Family, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Attack from Mars, Whitewater, Star Trek the Next Generation, and Twighlight Zone, I took it all for granted. They were just the tables I encountered when I went out. Pinball was always this way, right?

I had no idea I was witnessing the pinnacle of pinball table creation. They were just the ones I learned to play on. Pinball Arcade reignited my love for pinball. Subsequent research has revealed a vast and rich history. I've found a few real tables in my geographic area.

I'm looking forward to meeting more enthusiasts in my area (or any area) who are knowledgeable, personable, and love to share their acane art.

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