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58 days ago
How can this not be rated higher? Maybe not top 20 but on the outside looking in in the top 100 is crazy…

Game is super approachable with easy to understand rules. The play field is bright and fun with some easy flowing and satisfying shots. Cabinet is pretty basic but what do you except, it’s a Diner.

Not a complex or deep rule set like today’s games but an enjoyable game for all ages when looking for a quick feel good play.
4 months ago
I tried to like this game but it just didn’t stick. I had the pro which lacked toys or playfield interest. Just way to sparse and wide open. I’m not a great player so I found the rules to be a little repetitive since I never managed to get to deep into the game.

Was happy to move it quickly and pick up an Iron Maiden in its place.
4 months ago
Doesn’t get much better than this game. My only complaint is that as a player, I rarely have the opportunity to look up and watch the incredible animations that go along with the game play.

Everything is an A+ grade on this machine. The rules, the game play, the call outs, animations…it just keeps getting better and better. I’ve added the alternate translite and matching side art. It took the game to an even higher level.
4 months ago
What a machine. ACNC is like no other machine layout I’ve played. Yes, it does have some very difficult shots and you can feel a little “brick heavy” when you’re not locked into a good game but it is an absolute keeper.

The shots are unique and rewarding. The rules are easy enough to follow yet tough to execute. The toys, sound, music and artwork are all top shelf, especially the artwork. Spooky customer service is attentive and very helpful.

I’d have liked a little bit more Alice Cooper song soundtrack but all in all a unique and incredibly enjoyable machine. So happy to have this rare machine in my collection.
4 months ago
Not your run of the mill, flowing pin game play but what a captivating game. Games upon games within one pinball machine. The game play never gets old or repetitive. So many different ways to play and score.

I’m not one for deep rule sets. This game manages to throw a lot at you but as I player I’m never confused as to what to do next.

Is the theme a little kitschy? Yup, it sure is. But it’s so much fun.
Tough ramps? Yup, sure are. But how rewarding when you make them.

AP makes an incredible, solid as a rock machine. And if anything does go wrong or if you have nothing more than a question, their customer service is second to none. They respond quickly, call if they have to and are always active on Pinside with assistance and suggestions.

Love having this game in my collection.
4 months ago
So much has been written about the overly simplistic rule set and game play of Munsters. So I’ll ask one question, do you think there are more tournament savvy players in the hobby or more casual collector types? Personally, I think there are more casual player types. As you might have guessed, that’s the category in which I fall.

So with that being said, for those of you that don’t want seven layers of chess when you are playing or buying a pin, Munsters is everything a casual to good player could want. It’s colorful (yes, even the BW version), fun video clips, nostalgic and fast. And for me, the best part is the rules are simple to understand. Shots are challenging and rewarding.

In an era where complicated games abound, Munsters is a refreshing addition to my collection.
1 year ago
So much fun. I’m not sure how this game isn’t rated higher.

The theme brings back great childhood memories. Game play is fast, a few really fun shots. Multiball, although pretty easy to get, is a blast. It’s bright and colorful, call outs are fun, animations and moving backglass toys are great.

Deepest rule set? No not at all. But creative enough and fun enough to enjoy having in my collection.
1 year ago
Tough, tough game but I have really come to enjoy owning it.

Yes, the shots are as tough as everyone says but once you get it dialed in and learn to take your time, the shots get easier and scoring increases steadily.

Very unique playfield, lots to shoot for. Beautiful to look at. Not the best for an arcade, simply to hard to play if just walking up to it and putting Quarters in the machine. But a real winner to own where you can take your time to become more acquainted with the game’s nuances.
1 year ago
Waited forever to find the right price, right location, right timing. So worth the wait.

Nice collection of shots that will keep the casual player engaged but a deep enough rule set to challenge serious players. Larger color display on the SE is so worth it.

A true keeper.
1 year ago
Playfield to open, not enough to do for the casual player.

Felt and looked. A little cheap and lacking something.

Pretty machine but just didn’t do it for me.
1 year ago
Love this game.

Unique playfield layout and gimmicks, scoring pretty easy to understand and follow. Casual and serious players find it an enjoyable machine.
1 year ago
I’ve played two different machines, one HOU and on at an arcade. It’s beautiful, colorful, great toys, easy to play, until.......

the ball gets stuck on launch, at least once a game. Time after time after time. Kind of takes the fun out of playing.