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By pirate_joe

March 01, 2024

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54 days ago

A coworker was clearing out a bunch of stuff from his parents house.  One of the items was an old brunswick aspen pinball machine.  I was offered the machine for free because it didn't work and he didn't want to just throw it away.  I've wanted a pinball machine for some time so I jumped on it.  I knew next to nothing about pinball at that time.  After doing some reading here and a few other plcaes on the net I managed to get the bulk of the aspen's electronics working.  Minus a few switches that need replaced everything was good to go.  That started me into pinball.  I find the restoration work interesting because it seems no matter how close to finished you are, you still have something else to do that you've never had to do before.  Things like leveling or replacing inserts in a playfield can be a challenge your first time.  I'm not done restoring this machine just yet, but I've found myself already looking for the next project.  

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45 days ago

Good for you. It is a great hobby and so satisfying to bring a game back to life. Must have taken you a lot of time to learn the craft by yourself.

41 days ago

Nice. Freebies are awesome.

39 days ago

Love it. That's almost my exact story too; received a free non-functioning Champion Pub and spent less than $100 getting it back into working condition. I've learned SOoooo much about DMD era games having gone through all the components of the table. Congrats on your restoration! As DazedandConfused said, it's very satisfying!

37 days ago

Fantastic! Remember how you felt when you got it're going to get the feel with a bonus multiplier applied once it's fully running! Great feeling. I imagine that one machine will turn into more as time goes on!

35 days ago

Please share photos of your journey and finished product!

14 days ago

Thanks for posting. How did you know how to work on the machine or do you have a background in this sort of thing? I'm just getting into pinball so I have a lot to learn.

5 days ago

No one has ever just bought, had, or fixed just ONE pinball. They are like rabbits. Best of luck and do post about your restoration.


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