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4 years ago
This is a fun game and I like the rule changes that correspond to each doctor. The multiball is relatively easy to get started. I wish the programmers would have included one or two other multiball modes but otherwise a very solid DMD game.
4 years ago
As far as I'm concerned, Space Shuttle is about the best bang for your buck game you can find. While it's relatively easy to get a multiball started, it's challenging to really put up a high score. Definitely a keeper for me!
5 years ago
Interesting ball shooter with the right flipper and it's a cool concept to score runs and points. The vari-targets are cool but this is not a game I'd want to keep in my collection for any length of time.
5 years ago
My second pin and a good one. I love the theme and it's a fun, fast game with good flow. Not a keeper for me in my really small collection but I'd like to have it back some day.
5 years ago
LOTS of drop targets. I enjoy this game, and in terms of gameplay, it's a keeper. I don't usually get into western themed games and this one is no exception. Perhaps Target Alpha is the way to go for me...
5 years ago
Just a beautiful game with a bunch of flippers and drop targets. Hands down my daughter's favorite game.
5 years ago
I just sold mine and am already missing it. A beautiful Bally widebody that is a great player. There is lots to shoot for and the inline drop targets are really cool. Better implementation than in Centaur, in my opinion. Great game. The only ding on this one is the sound. Bleeps and bloops and that's pretty much it. Would be a top 5/10 game with slightly better music/sound effects. But, for me, that's a minor point.
5 years ago
Very fun game. One that I missed out on back in the day, but now that I own one I can see it sticking around.