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6 years ago
The Roto-target at the top is what makes this game and the fact that you can hit 3 different targets instead of the normal one target on most earlier roto-targets games from GTB. Also nice is that it has two on playfield specials, (one very tough shot bullseye, on left side) set up by a hard shot to the vari-target and one from the roto-target if you are lucky enough to get the center target to land on a star first. Extra ball when lit targets are "random" and you have to be ready to shot for them quick as they do not stay lit long. Cool theme and artwork by Gordon Morison.
7 years ago
Very good game all around.
Great PF lightshow with varying shots to activate features.
Fun enough to make you want to try again.
7 years ago
This is a great players game, with the lower PF having a drop target and 2 swinging targets to shoot for that can add up points fast once the bonus is built up by raising the notches on the thermometer.
With each new temperature zone achieved the ability to increase the thermometer gets harder, but then one also gets more pop bumpers lit for higher score potential. One key is to nudge the ball to rollover the arc of rollover buttons to increase the temperature ribbon on the thermometer. The colors and artwork are grand on this machine.
Probably my current favorite WMS reverse wedgehead.
9 years ago
I like this game a lot.
10 years ago
Fantastic beautiful artwork package.
Boring gameplay.
Game would have been better served if it had chimes, instead of cheap electronic sounds.
Very rare.
10 years ago
I work in the oilfield, so main reason i bought and like the game.
10 years ago
Classic EM pin with great artwork, great multi-ball feature.
Not the greatest playing game because of the massive wide side outs, but definitely a game i will keep in my collection.
10 years ago
My first pinball machine that i ever purchased.
Very fast pin, very fun.
10 years ago
Cool and rare 2 player AAB pin. Kinda tough and stingy on the extra balls won
10 years ago
Love the BG animation, flip down animal heads, when you achieve certain rollovers or gobble holes or hit the center target that spots the animal currently featured on the reel.
Nice cool retro BG&PF artwork package with cool cabinet styling, though paint scheme on Cab is boring.
10 years ago
Very fun.
When set up correctly and properly serviced a very fast game also.
Top of the line artwork package.
10 years ago
Cool looking game, but its gameplay just does not live up to its potential.
More Random than skill.
10 years ago
Very blah playing game. Ball always seems to hit posts and not targets. NO flow at all.
10 years ago
My favorite Add A Ball pin; just the right balance and ease of earning extra balls, not too easy but not too hard.
Beautiful BG artwork
10 years ago
Classic EM pinball. Keeps you wanting to come back for more.

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