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By PinwizeMods

October 14, 2020

14 days ago

In 2020 many crazy things have happened, but not all crazy things in 2020 were bad. For me... transitioned from one pinballer with a passion for Medieval Madness to another. The transition brought to the United States. Very similar to the founding story of, the adventure to modify and trick out my own Medieval Madness Remake Royal Edition (MMRRE) brought two creative minds together and began another chapter of is a hobby business where every item is hand crafted with a passion of the game. I spend most of my free time making the products offered by and tinkering with what is possible to enhance the game. Glad to be here and glad to share my story. 

Story photos

6xTroll_Pic_Web_Small (resized).png
Dragon_Small860x470 (resized).png


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