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9 years ago
I own #120 WOZECLE. I rated the Game Rules 'poor' because until the code is fully implemented there is not much else you can do to be fair. I have high expectations that this aspect will be rated 'Superior' sometime down the (Yellow Brick) road. The artwork, cabinetry, the LCD, the RGB lighting, the sound system, the toys on the PF and the layout . . . WHOOOO! ALL these things are absolutely SUPERIOR!!! This pin will go down in history as the 'line of demarcation' for a whole new era of pins. I'm proud to be a 'sponsor' of Jersey Jack Pinball and an owner. This pin will probably stay with our family for many years.
Mike in Kentucky
10 years ago
I played this at a motel. I do not own this pin. HATED IT! No matter how I tried to like it, I couldn't wait for the time I had allotted to play it to be over with! It just wasn't fun! I guess because I don't like motorcycles I felt it was just a pin for people of that kind of cult. Nothing appealing to me at all. In fact, I can't even remember much about the play field toys or any memorable modes or actions. Sorry to rate it so low, but just being honest here.
10 years ago
I played this at a motel. I do not own this pin. Strangely enough, I LOVED the fast action of the pin and all the toys and gimmicks on the play field. Yet, it still didn't 'sell me' that I would ever want to own one of these. I guess I'm a contradiction in terms, for I thought Stern did a great job putting this game together, it looked great, but I just couldn't 'get into it'. Maybe there was the subliminal thing that I am not fond of NASCAR racing. There were some very clever features on that play field. It DOES make me want to give it a second chance and play it again someday.
10 years ago
Played at an arcade. I do not own this pin. This pin has GREAT visuals. Very appealing to the eye! I could have played it for hours on end! It has a great play field and fast action. I personally loved the theme and the music. I would love to own this pin someday.
10 years ago
Played this at an arcade. I do not own the pin. The lightening effect was great and the wind coming from the 'topper' fan was an unusual feature. I enjoyed playing this pin. This one may have been set badly for it became repetitive on the some of the mode features.
10 years ago
Played this in an arcade. I do not own one. Lots of lamps were out so the lighting was bad. I liked the layout of the PF and enjoyed the game. There were issues with one flipper and some mechanical problems too. I think I would like to own this pin someday.
10 years ago
I have only played this pin at an arcade. I do not own one. The lighting on this one was extremely poor, but I'd say with all the lamps in place it would have a whole different look. It was not in the best mechanical shape either. Some of the functions was questionable. The video feature did not function correctly. Therefore, I did not get a real good feel of this pin.
10 years ago
Bought this totally refurbished pin mainly based on knowing the Monopoly game and seeing the great artwork on the play field and the translite. It's a good looking machine. The rule set is fun and the pin is probably under-rated.
10 years ago
This is truly an 'old-school' pin. The attraction to buy it is the three play field levels, and the 'thoughts' of what a Haunted House would be like. It's a wide-body but lots of wasted space, mainly so the middle doesn't conceal the basement so you can see to play when the ball drops down there. Another unusual element is that it has 8 flippers! Two on the upper play field, two in the basement, and four on main play field. Even with all those flippers the action is very poor. I bought it ONLY because of the unique features. For me, it is not that much fun to play. This told me that I will only buy more modern pins in the future!
10 years ago
A GREAT looking machine! The Frankenstein creature in the middle is the 'attractor' to this game. The two variations of music makes it fun and the ball launcher is unique. This can be a 'trouble pin'. Two things that seem to be a problem for most owners is the DMD failing and the motor on the Franky creature not turning its head or the arms not moving correctly.
11 years ago
I wasn't satisfied with my pin collection until I accomplished obtaining this classic and 'ultimate' game. I have only had it a month. I love the concept and grew up watcing all the epsodes of Twilight Zone in black and white on TV. The fun of owning this game is discovering all the 'secrets' it holds. It should take a long, long time for the game to reveal all of its intricate hidden surprises. I am looking forward to getting 'Lost in the Zone'!!!
11 years ago
I bought this pin NIB, December of 2010. This is the Limited Edition with the very beautiful gold trim (legs, lock-down bar, side rails, hinges, and bolts). This is a well-built machine by Stern and with very attractive art work, translite and playfield. This is a "WOW!" pin as far as looks go!!!

As with a lot of owners, I experienced some problems very early on. A switch on a VUK did not work and the fuse blew on the Ring. After getting that to working, all of the lamps around the Ring would not work. I discovered a wire was not connected to the Driver Boad and corrected that problem. Then, the lamps would blow around the Ring. I discovered the factory had put the wrong lamps in it. Problem fixed after putting in the correct lamps.

A tip to owners: Flipper coils on this pin can get hot with continued play and lose some power and make that shot to the Ring just a little weak and not quite get to the target hole. I purchased two higer-powered coils and put them on myself and saw a TREMENDOUS amount of difference in play. The coils add about 8% more power to the flippers. Just enough increase in power to propel the ball where you want it to go, but not too much power to beat up the playfield.

This pin should be one of my favorites that I would never sell. It takes a lot of skill to reach "Destroy the Ring", "There and Back Again", and "Valinor". I have never reached that last rung yet! I understand it might take a very long time before I achieve that, and I believe that is one of the reason the pin lures me into it for repeat play.

For anyone limited to only obtaining ONE pin that is New In The Box, then I highly recommend this one. You can't go wrong. But, if for some reason you grow tired of it, it should have great resale value.

The quality of this pin is high, and it is perhaps one of the last of the top grade pins that Stern has manufactured since cost factors has apparently caused the company to trim back costs.
12 years ago
A GREAT pin to play!

The many ramps, the whirlpool, the lighting and music are all enjoyable and attractive. The Big Foot is eye-catching as it attempts to block the ball coming down the ramp. The young kids really love watching its head move around, and are fascinated by this animated object.

I have not owned it long enough to critic all the game rules, but it is a very BUSY game and lots of action. If you love ramps, then this one is for you!

Game design and theme is rather unique and creative. It is very appealing to the eye. Nice cabinet art-work, pleasant colors on the backglass and PF, and bright looking all over. The header with its fake waterfall is a nice feature. Looks good from a distance, but looks cheap up close! Nothing but paper!

A fast and fun game that I think I will never tire of.
12 years ago
I can't believe that this game is rated so low! I bought it because of the allure of the moving satelite dish with the magnet in it, and of course, the theme of James Bond.

This is one of the FASTEST machines I've ever played! Balls and flipper action are AMAZINGLY fast at times! You really have to have your hand-eye coordination set on MAX at all times! Don't come to play if you are inebriated, because you won't see the balls zip right by you to drain!!!!!!!

Hitting the ramp and launching the ball to the satelite dish was very difficult for me for a long time. I eventually learned how to hit the shot and that is the highlight of this game! Getting the Multi-ball that comes afterward is nice, but the real thrill and challenge is launching that ball up that narrow blue ramp (which only pops up for about 3 seconds!) and hoping the moving satelite dish has turned just right for the magnet to catch it. I LOVE this part of the game!

Spelling G-O-L-D-E-N-E-Y-E is the next feature I enjoy. This is accomplished with lots of ramp action. Hitting the 'Moneypenny' hole in the upper PF is fun because you never know what kind of reward you will get. It can be repetitive at times, but there is still that hope of a FREE BALL that it rarely dispenses.

There are many other features that give variety and lots of rule sets. This is ONE game where you can really be good if you hone your flipper skills and you can control a lot of your shots.

The lighting is very poor, especially on the upper PF, but all the real action takes place on the middle and lower PF, so you get used to it.

Of my 6 pins, I probably play this one the most. This is a very under-rated pin!!! If I could buy a new one, I would do it tomorrow!!!
12 years ago
I bought this machine for three reasons: Not many were made (2,750 according to IPDB) so I am hoping it is will be a collector's item - The artwork is the very BEST in my opinion of ALL pinball machines . . . I could look at it and study it all day! - The sound system! It has powerful Bose speakers, and when the sound is cranked up, the organ music is AWESOME, almost scary sounding, like in an old time horror movie!!!

My guests marvel at the beauty of this machine and admire it. They like the looks, the sounds, and the blackglass where the Phantom's mask is 'unveiled' at times. Very different translite than others!

For me, playing the game is not as appealing as LOOKING at it! Game play is plodding and very repetitive. Just a nice game to play when you feel tired and don't want to exert a lot of energy or brain power when playing. I don't play it often, but it can be a nice change of pace at times.

There is a pipe organ on the upper right area of the playfield. When the door opens during play you aim the ball there for Multi-ball. It is wide and relatively easy to hit. Most people rate the Magic Mirror feature pretty high. It's located in the dead center of the PF were the ball goes inside and pops up elsewhere on the PF.

Clean artwork. Nice font for the spelling P-H-A-N-T-O-M right below the backglass.

I will neve sell this even if it stops working! Too 'pretty'!!!
12 years ago
A nice pin with lots of different elements to keep you busy! Lots of ramps and the fly wheel where you must capture 3 balls for Multi-ball is totally UNIQUE and very alluring (no pun intended!).

The game sounds are very repetitive and the music is the same old thing, over and over, almost drives you crazy!

Of my 6 pins, this one ranks second in popularity with guests. It is exciting and very different. One element that must be bragged on is the 'shooting' feature on the dot matrix. When you hit the right spot on the playfield, you activate moving targets on the screen. You can fire torpedoes at the targets by using the fly rod handle button, which is the same device that launches the balls for regular play. This gives the machine a deeper set of rules for opportunity to rack up scoring.

One cannot leave out the big fish on the header! It can be annoying at times for an adult who plays this a lot, but the little kids get a GREAT KICK out of watching it flap its tale! No matter how irritating the fish tale kicking sounds, I still think it is a MUST HAVE on this machine. I would not disconnect it!!!

A very good pin and I would not sell it.
12 years ago
A very nice game, especially for younger kids. Flipper action is very slow. Trying to get the balls into the couch in the upper playfield is the best challenge for me. Without that, this game would be somewhat boring. Of my 6 machines, it is my last choice to play, but I am VERY glad I have it. Others who visit, and who are not very good players, like this machine. It is slow enough for novices to have a good time.
12 years ago
I bought Avatar brand new just a month ago. My family has already put over 1,000 games on it. While critics bemoan the game's lack of super depth and 'toys', I have to disagree! Out of all those games played, I have only reached Wizard Mode ONE time!!! Talk about a challenge. Just try and light all 6 of the different jackpots with ONE ball! Typically, I get about 3 or 4 and then when a new ball comes the lights go out and you have to start over. The rule depth of this game is also quite complicated as there seems to be an endless combination of application of point acheivement formulas. The AMP Suit is the focal point and offers a lot of excitement when you get the Multi-ball going. It's a very fast game with lots of unpredictability from the magnet in front of the suit slinging balls so fast, you must be very sharp to make a 'save'. The cabinet, art work, vibrant colors on the playfield, and of course the 3-D backglass are of superior quality. I have 8 pins. Avatar is #1!


I have suddenly lost interest in my Avatar and now rank it about #4 of my 9 pins. After a lot of play I can just about predict the outcome each time. It is becoming hum-drum and the same ole same ole. I can light four of the six features but never the last two, and thus no Wizard Mode. I'm no slacker at pin, and this has become virtually impossible. I don't have that problem with my LOTR. I 'Destroy the Ring' quite often. There is not so much 'depth' to the game as I related earlier and getting more boring by the minute. It is still a beautiful game and I doubt I would ever sell it, but like chewing gum, it is fast losing its flavor!

The AMP suit needs lighting inside or around it DRASTICALLY! I can't even see my Colonel 'body' inside it! That area of the playfield is just too dark!

The two new retro devices Stern sent REALLY improved the game. If you have not contacted Stern and received this free kit I HIGHLY recommend you doing so!!!

The spring they sent now keeps the ball from draining right down the middle like it SO frequently did prior to putting it on. NOTE: If you install the spring where Stern says to put it, it does not work well at all. It will trap the ball against the Unobtainium target and you have to take the glass off to unwedge it. If you put the spring on the post right down below it, it works PERFECTLY! But to do this, you need to take plyers and really work on twisting the spring end so that it will lodge down in the hole and stay there. THAT took quite awhile to do.

The big and TALLER metal clip sent to replace the existing one on the left drain lane prevents ball hops (and drains) and also improves the game play vastly. A lot LESS drains now also on the far left lane.