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3 years ago
I have had this game for over a year now all I have to say is what a sleeper game this is. Music and sound is one of the best in pinball AC/DC come on! Research the LAH group for an inexpensive sound upgrade that just makes this game ROCK! Also there is an updated game Rom that puts this game over the top with some tweaking to scoring rules and sound clips. This is just a fun exciting game to play the modes are challenging, fast and rewarding. The light show is well orchestrated. For a non-fan layout this game is fast and non-stop. LAH is a winner when upgraded with the above cleaned and "dialed-in". Give it a try!
5 years ago
Great Game I have a few other Brian Eddy games BOP, MM and AFM. I find the fun factor of this game to slightly edge out all three. Just a well engineered game with fast play rewarding shots and a sound package that I believe is the best in pinball. When I play my Shadow I find that I'm engrossed in it planning my next move. A tip of the hat to a great designer. Thanks Brian!
6 years ago
The Bride is a great game those that say its a one shot game just don't understand the other opportunities on the playfield! The inner loops and associated rewards are very challenging and rewarding. The game is setup to purposely use the billion shot as an entry into the Billionaire club, however your chances of getting into that club are as good as achieving any other wizard mode in the WPC era games. Love the Bride!
7 years ago
Funhouse is one of those timeless classics. It is an original themed game, which I'am partial too and has all the elements of a "keeper" pin. Good theme, attractive artwork, good rule set, well thought out play field layout, great shots and most of all just fun to play.
7 years ago
What can I say this is one of those sleeper games, well maybe not any more but back when I purchased mine it was considered one. This game if given the opportunity will win you over. Great theme and game play, but can be brutal because of its speed and killer shots. This game is not for the faint of heart but if you're up for the challenge then put on your life vest and get ready for a ride of a life time.
7 years ago
Beautiful game just does not hold my interest and became repetitive. My wife really enjoyed it. I think if I had a collection of 10 or more games this would fit in fine with the rotation just not an every day player.
7 years ago
I have owned this game for 6 years now. Another great game that stands the test of time. Can have short ball times but is offset with some really awsome games that draw you in the zone.
7 years ago
I had owned this game and would like to own it again some day. Great rule set litz is a blast. It has a good balance of ball stop and flow. Really at the pinicale of pinball design and spend from a manufacture point of view. I could only imagine what could be produced with todays technology with yesterdays (1993) R&D budgets.
7 years ago
I have had this game since 2004 and it continues to be one of my favorites. Got inaugurated back in June of 2011 (yeah I know not that great of a player) but what a blast this game has been. Seek one out, play it and you will be hooked.
7 years ago
Clearly the best of the best I have owned many machines over the past 13 years and have always come back to this one. Ball Flow, Game Play, Humor, Sound, Art this game has it all. Yes there are other games in my collection or that enjoy playing while out or at shows but if I had to have just one this would be it.