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3 months ago
Usually a theme pulls me into the table - I never had any interest in Star Trek until I played this table.

Great playfield, varied missions, incredibly fun cannons, some hard some easy shots and of course great, recognisable call outs and sounds from the series.

One of my all time favorites - thank you Mr. Data!
3 months ago
A great table, the beginning of modern pinball for me. Incredible replay Value. I highly recommend the Pinsound mod for it. Going through the different movie multiballs and modes is incredible fun. Lots of great toys (Ring Magnet - one of the best in pinball, Balrog, Ortanc etc.). Weak parts are the playfield and backglass art choices. Even though they are based on incredible movies, they don't look quite right in my opinion, cabinet looks nice though.

Needs some modding investment to truly look and feel great.
3 months ago
A nice, older table. Definitely harder than todays standard, you notice it was built to make money. Still a lot of fun in a bigger collection and I would always love to play a game or two. The raising center piece is always a blast.
3 months ago
Absolutely incredible Playfield if you ask me. Lots of fun shots with interesting callouts. Dotmatrix animation is incredible in combination with the sound package. Isn't as deep as some other tables in 2021 but if this is not your only pin it makes for a GREAT switchup. The cabinet art is probably the weakest part for me, I just placed him between a wall and a pretty table :->
3 months ago
This table is a work of art. Sound and visuals are unrivaled. Gameplay isn't the most varied but it's super tough and punishing. But the feeling to actually be fighting against the black knight is something you rarely experience in such intensity. When the Black Knight taunts you and Steve Ritchies bellowing laugh humiliates you after the moving flail instantly drains you without a chance to react you are just left speechless.
3 months ago
I've played a LE in an Arcade and bought the Pro within a week. You lose almost nothing on the Pro, I even think the cabinet / 2D Standups look better than on the more expensive versions. Just an all around great Pin that isn't lacking in any area.

If I had to pinpoint the weakest part, it would be the music which I find "just" pretty good.