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By Pinthetic

February 11, 2011

11 years ago

Well, for those that don't know me here it is. As a teenager I used to go to the local bowling alley. There was a King Pin and a 4 Mil BC along the wall by the pool tables. My best friend and I used to play from about 8PM to midnight. I loved that 4 MIL BC.

Then off to college I went in Reno. Not much pinball during those days. On coming home I soon was back to my old habits with my old pals. Later on I wanted a jukebox at home. As a child I used to sit next to one where my Mom worked and people gave me money to put in the machine and pick songs. I got nostaligic you could say.

In my search I ended up at C.A. Robinson in South San Francisco. There is where it all took off. The old guy there noticed my interest in the warehouse full of pinball games. After questioning me about my background he guided me over to a Centaur. At the time it was brand new right out of the box. It wouldn't boot properly. I had not seen the inside of a pinball SS backbox before but after about 20 minutes with the manual I knew what to look for. Half hour later we had it running.

After a talk with the shop supervisor I was offered a contract job working part time servicing games in the South Bay.

That led to Distributor training in Chicago. Premier, Williams, Bally, and brief stops at Alvin G and Capcom. Many trips over the years. Met a lot of great people, mostly on the technical end of the business. Great memories.

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