Pinstym's gameroom

Linked NBA FBs. Player 1 is a more difficult game to score on. Needs some adjusting.
CFTBL has the rated R Laserific topper. Pop bumper light mod.
Experimenting with panoramic photo app on my phone a couple years ago.
Stopped hoarding projects and made room for a Skeeball machine and a Safe Cracker.
Took this pic 5 minutes after the buyer hauled away my RBION. Gorgar, HMM, and BF were gone within the year.
Dynamo Stinger Air Hockey.
DM & SST gone.
Space Invaders Deluxe. Custom built shuffleboard table.
My buddy built the bar. 2 beers on tap. Megatouch Force Evo. JVL Vortex. Widdy dartboard cab.
Art on wall is from the cab side of EK. Girl painted on door is from the side of my Gottlieb Circus head.