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65 days ago
Bought this game a few months ago and have been pleasantly surprised. Deep rule set, challenging shots and plenty for a beginner or expert to go for. Takes some time to figure out the best strategy to use as it can be very confusing at first. Game is probably better in home setting on free play then on location, as I could see this game eating your quarters because it is unforgiving. What lacks in art/ cabinet, the gameplay makes up for it. Super jackpot is a very satisfying shot, but I have no f@#$ing clue how you would hit the frog frenzy.
1 year ago
Want to be impressed by this game, but ball seems to get stuck a lot and messes the game up. Big screen takes a lot of space up to not have a projector playing something on it. Stern is getting very cheap on the pros, too many plastics and artwork is bland for a great theme. More code to come, but most certainly a disappointing start.
1 year ago
Overall a very fun game especially after a led swap. Challenging shots that will keep you coming back and chasing the 100 diamonds. Simple rule set and sounds are the downside of this game. I always wonder what could have been with some of these games with 1 or 2 more code updates. Very worthy of its ranking and not easy to find in the wild.
2 years ago
I don't think the le gets the credit it deserves, much better game than the rating suggests. Really have to be a sniper with your shots in this game or it is hard to progress. A little disappointed in the ironhide play field, mostly because it doesn't score points and every once in awhile the ball gets stuck. Really all it would take is a code update for the scoring, I may be one that's hopeful stern can provide an update even though it's out of production. But overall this game is fun and keeps me coming back for more.
3 years ago
I enjoy this game, one of the more fast paced pins I can remember. Very tough to get into the story though as it is hard to get things going sometimes. Feel like I either score a great game or next to nothing, with not much in between. I do like the LCD screen, although significantly smaller than jersey jacks. But, you can't hardly watch the screen during gameplay because of the speed of the game. The smaller screen in the play field seems irrelevant, hopefully an updated code uses it more in the future. Can't help but to think a toy should be in that spot as it also blocks the view of the bumpers behind it. The Death Star looks nice, but doesn't really do anything which is disappointing.

Unfortunate that stern releases their games before having a fully complete working code. I know they got to make their money, but the original code on this is awful! I've updated the code 3 times already. Can't imagine how many updates there is going to be for the first year of the release. Once they figure it out, this game will be a lot of fun. I am very interested to see how the premium turns out and the hyperspace loop.