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By pinrock

December 01, 2012

9 years ago

Played pinball when I was a kid. Started playing so young I don't remember what the titles were, they were very simple, I remember that. Some early ones I do remember..., the one that says constantly, "shoot the eight ball" ...I remember when Gorgar came out, amazing, Fireball, ...played Spiderman in college, it was in the Rec Center and I was addicted to it.

My first pinball was Twilight Zone, bought it the mid to late 90's for $1200. The operator in Chicago that sold it to me tried to push The Addams Family..., told me it was the biggest money maker for him, but he wanted $1800 for that, and it wasn't in as good of condition as the Twilight Zone...I didn't know much about the "pinball market" then, just knew I loved watching The Twilight Zone when I was a kid, and the pinball looked awesome. Still have it.

Guess what my next pinball was? You guessed it, The Addams Family. :) Then Attack from Mars. I got my Medieval Madness on ebay! You know when you're at an auction and you put in a bid thinking you will never win it, well I did. I thought the bid of $4700 would never win it but it did...scared the crap out of me buying a pin that expensive only seeing a couple pictures...some operator in Massachusettes sold it. It had a few things I needed to repair, but electronically and mechanically it was solid. I still have it and love it!

After all these years I'm still in the hobby, don't know what it is about pinball..., but it sure is addicting.


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9 years ago

Welcome to pinside pinrock! I've thought about bidding on a pin before on ebay but with so many horror stories here and elsewhere about it, I've never been able to pull the trigger.

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