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5 months ago
Great game, finally found one that has been well taken care of. Love that it’s already packed with mods so you don’t have to spend another arm and leg on it. I think the way the vertical flipper hits the ball out of the playfield and onto the slide which carries it under the cabinet to an up kicker is brilliant. The 99 ball Multiball Frantic Frenzy is a total rush. The 10th flipper in the head is an interesting challenge as you try to hit the ball as it comes down the slide. Keeper for sure. Just hope nothing breaks on it as parts have long been unobtainable.
1 year ago
Fun for young ones especially. Let’s face it it’s not lightning fast but it has its place and actually isn’t easy to put up big scores. Fun with family and when the kids have friends over.
1 year ago
Deep code, I could play for hours. Great pin by Stern.
1 year ago
Great code, fast gameplay, short games, can be brutal but seems to always pull you back for 1 more game.
1 year ago
Great all around pin from Stern. Finally got one. ColorDMD a must on this title.
6 years ago
Fun while it lasted in my collection.
7 years ago
ARNOLD!!!! - fun for a few games on location.
7 years ago
Love the supercharger and changing gears - fun
7 years ago
Super fast - theme so-so - but fun pin
7 years ago
My favorite pin - love the ramps - magnets - everything

Edit - had it for a while and the honeymoon is over. Sold it. To much stop and go, like chopping wood. I’m More a fan of flow and speed.
7 years ago
Fast pin - lots of ramps! - great multiball modes - Deadworld is one of the coolest features of any pin