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4 years ago
I owned Godzilla for about two months. It was my second DMD game. At first I loved the Godzilla scream at the end of every game, but after awhile it became tiresome. The game is all about the multiball - there are six different ones that can be earned. I love the theme, and the backglass is intense, with Godzilla blowing his nuclear breath. I put 30' of RGB LED strips behind the backglass, set to alternate colors. I have to say the effect is mesmerizing. The gameplay, not so much. I REALLY wanted to love this game, but I only wound up liking it. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun pin, but it just didn't have that "one more game" feel for me. I have a dozen pins, and Godzilla was played extensively the first week or two by my family. But after that, it just sat there looking very pretty, which I must admit, it does. If you want your pins to LOOK good in your collection, Godzilla will certainly do that. If you want games that you always come back to again and again, Godzilla may not be the game for you. I will always be glad I owned it, but when a collector who owns 150 pins offered me $4500 for my HUO pin (WAY above what Pinside says its worth), I had to let it go. Godzilla, I hardly knew you!
4 years ago
Getting all five cards, ten through ace, lit to activate the special is tough! I played dozens of 5 ball games without getting them. My 6 year old daughter was the first to do it! Next my 8 year old son, and finally dear old dad got two in one night. The special is the saucer cup in the middle, and can be set for 10000 points, free ball, or free game when lit! Combo of free games, big bonuses, and free balls (up to 9) makes it an unusually deep EM that represents the pinnacle design of an era, and easily earns it's place in the Pinside top 25 pins.