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7 years ago
Look folks, for $4000ish dollars for an LE it plays like a champ valuewise. I would put TFLE up against any B Stern like FG, BTDK, Kiss, RBION and POTC, TAV or Xmen and this one just as fun or more fun. You aint getting no armor with speckles on any of those other pins either. So if you compare TF to ACDC, sure score TF lower, but take your $2500ish savings and buy a WCS, BSD, HS2 or WW and balance the pain of having a "lesser" TF pin and add how awesome your side car pin is with TF and I would rather have the combo. Just talkin value here.

I played everything at the last TPF trying to find what I like. I kept going back to TF. This game is great. Not even a Transformers the toy fan, but this game is just plain fun, which is exactly what pinball should be. I have the combo and it is a beauty also. The dual colors are stunning! It looks like a giant toy and makes me feel like a kid again. Call outs are great. Love the start of Megatron multiball.

It is not everywhere, but if you find one play it or just buy one like I did. It is by far the best value Stern out there today.

Also who are these guys rating this Pin a 1? Their opinion, but they are both complete.....what is moron in Italian? They rated Stern Rolling Stones a 9.9 though. So.....uh.... Ok. I take it back.
9 years ago
Whoa- This game looks wimpy, but can be set up to be not easy and can fast as hell! (fYI- My posts are up to the top, my left kick out starts at zero and my wax job is slick right now.).

WCS has great flow with smooth ramps and a fast left loop with a spinner. The right ramp shot and final draw scoop hole are not easy shots. The right ramp shot can make you pay dearly, so stick with the left ramp, unless you like playing dangerously? Yes, you can score goals, but can you do it during multi ball and hit the ramps to start another round and do it again and again and again? Can you beat Germany in the Finals? You better have the save on the left lit up also because you will need it.

WCS is so fun and great for families, wife's and nonpinheads, but challenging and super fun also for good players. If it is too easy just put the posts up, turn off the left kicker and give it a good wax and have fun.

I remember I saw a PAPA video on the game before I got it and was suprised how poorly they all did on their rounds.

Kind of cool that you have to beat Germany for the cup and Germany won this years cup. Anyway, great bang for your buck pin that has "one more game" written all over it. It will stay in my collection for a while.
10 years ago
Played one for a while when I went to do a look/purchase and just didn't love it. I wanted to dig it more.
10 years ago
I wanted to like this more. I just did not feel it.
10 years ago
Steve Ritchie- and Star Trek- Nuff said. So fun.
10 years ago
Played the heck out of it 20 years ago in college. Love to own one today.
10 years ago
Let's get it out of the way....The Getaway does not have a deep rule set.

OK, now here we go - HS2 is a blast to play. Hitting the loops can get the ball going super fast, the Supercharger is one of my favorite toys in pinball, getting away is a rush, the beginning of Redline Mania is super fun and the thumping music you hear after getting the Super Jackpot just makes all the play you just did worth it. Try to get 3 balls in the Supercharger at the same time. Awesome!

This is the pin that made me love pinball and is my favorite pin. A bargain at $1500-low $2000's IMHO. I just never get bored of playing this pin. My wife's favorite game also. Keeper, both the pin and my wife. LOL!
10 years ago
One of the best looking cabinets and back glass you will ever see. Fun gameplay and lots of multiball. Space ship out of pyramid is a fun toy. Try hitting the left flipper pyramid shot for a challenge. Good bang for your buck in the mid to upper $1000's range.

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