pinball was a fun era of my life!

By pinnaf

April 15, 2019

40 days ago

i have 1 game left! - it will sel eventualy to the right person for the right deal (no fire sale)  it can sit in the corner of my big basemnet head down......  i loved playing , collecting, buying, selling, fixing up, modding and all that.

but i have moved on to other things and just choose to use my recrational time for different adventures.

pinside is a great bunch and always looked here first for help and referred many folks here if they needed something odd, or had questions i couldnt answer or were looking for a game.

you guys are a great bunch but always try to stay above the fray (i did)  and dont be a negative soul.. it takes a lot of energy to be negative and you are short lived.  I always looked at the best of what a person was here with pinball.  If someone was  a pill or negative i usually just ignored and moved on.  

Happy pinballin!

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32 days ago
Good luck in whatevers next for ya man!

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