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2 years ago
Music work on this game is fantastic, and the rule set is crazy in a good way. SO much to do, and a GREAT 2 player or more game with the plundering mechanic.
2 years ago
Extremely solid game. Great rules and flow.
2 years ago
Once people realize the reason they are having a hard time with the shots is they're not the cookie-cutter Stern fan-derivative layout and their muscle memory needs to be retrained, they'll realize this is an amazing accomplishment for a first pin out of the American Pinball gate - a really fun, very deep pin with strategic gameplay.
5 years ago
Hated what Stern did to this machine to make the Vault Edition. When I heard the rumors, I was really pumped because the digitized scenes from the movie are the weakest part of the original, and if Spidey was getting a retheme, then that meant new hand-drawn dots on the display - and a lot of them!

Unfortunately, while the dots are indeed great overall, the artwork of anorexic Spiderman isn't great, and I'm not a huge fan of the speech bubbles on the backglass. The toys were also cost-reduced, and you lost some modes from the movie, too. But the WORST part, BY FAR is the new speech. It's atrocious. Terrible lines voiced terribly overall. There is SO much wrong with the voice it completely ruined the experience. I highly recommend finding an original run Spiderman from Stern if you want the machine. Yes, the dots are weaker, but everything else is stronger, and the voice in general is MUCH stronger.