The first pinball I remember playing

The first pinball I remember playing

By Pinmagicman

June 03, 2017

22 days ago

We used to hang out at the local YMCA after school and on weekends in the early 1970s. I moved here in 1973. They had pool, ping pong, a couple pinball machines and a machine that dispensed soft drinks into a cup. My favorite pinball was Magic City. I think it cost a nickel to play. I got the plunger shot wired to hit the top rollover button and learned to play well enough to win free games. One other pinball had go-go dancers on the art and they had a baseball machine for a while too. But none was ever as good as Magic City for me. I tried to save at least a nickel from my milk money, walk about a mile to the Y after school and see how many games I could win. I also played lots of basketball in the gym. Mom would pick me up on her way home from work. We also spent just about every Saturday there all day with our friends. Good times and memories!

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