Almost bought a Sharkey's Shootout

Almost bought a Sharkey's Shootout

By Pinmagicman

June 03, 2017

1 year ago

I've been trying to buy a Sharkey's Shootout from a former operator for over  a month now. The guy is a nut job with lots of drama and problems. He hasn't worked on machines he still has in local bars for years, won't empty the coin boxes or bother to care. So this SS sat for a couple of years in a dive bar with some other pins. He refused to sell them and the owner rarely bothered to power them up. But he is good friends with the owner who lets him drink there between complications with his diabetes and other injuries. I left my name and number to see if he would sell it. He called and then stalled me weekly for five weeks with bizarre excuses.

We met and opened it up today. The batteries had leaked all over the MPU and it wouldn't power up. He sprayed some electronics cleaner on the board, scrubbed it with a toothbrush and promised it was fine. The whole machine has low miles and is in great shape except for the corrosion on the board and other components below it. For instance, the right speaker magnet and one header bolt washer were corroded. The magic 8-ball also didn't light up and the motor inside it might be shot, but we couldn't power it up to check. The guy ordered another battery pack to replace the ruined one rather than a remote mount or NVRAM. But I didn't want to deal with sending off the board for repairs, plus dealing with whatever else might be wrong from all the corrosion I saw spread around. He was enraged and began cussing when I told him that I didn't want to buy it. We are done. I hope someone else with mad skills can restore this pin in time, before the Whitestar board it is toast and beyond repair. We don't have anyone to work on pinballs in our area so it would be a major hassle and expensive to fix this machine if I had bought it. It was a real mess just because he was too lazy to change the batteries while the machine sat next to him for years in his local watering hole. And after the hassle, I wouldn't wish this guy on my worst enemy. He would just string them along too.

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11 months ago
I heard on Facebook that a guy in Kansas City was looking for a Sharkey's so I gave him the contact info and the lowdown. He picked it up today and took it home. He said it booted up and had minor issues but seemed very happy to get it. He has the skills to restore it too.

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