Getting back into it!

By PinJustin

May 03, 2021

11 days ago

Old school 80's arcade addict here, wife and I in the process of adding a home arcade.  Played T2 pinball at a local bowling alley growing up, so this was the first purchase we made.  Family has LOVED the T2 machine so much, we decided we would like to add more pins, but have zero experience with other machines.  So, stumbled across Pinside and what a great site!!!  We found a place in Nashville with loads of pinball machines and then flew there for a day of play and trying out different machines; went with a list we compiled from the Pinside rankings, and then left the arcade with a list of pins we are now looking to purchase.  Hoping to make this happen here.  Thanks for checking and, if you sell me a game, many many heartfelt thanks!  

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