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8 years ago
Certainly a games that keeps you coming back. Tough shots with excellent risk/reward. Steep ramps and tempting center toys make it fun. Love the fish random awards, modes and of course Stugots MB. While I never watched the TV show, this is a game I could play indefinitely.
8 years ago
While I avoided this game at first, I've really come to like it a lot. It's funny with a pretty simple rule set. Love the stackable MB's, moving Buck and Ram kicker. Bonus modes are hilarious. Can be pretty cruel at times, but hey... it's pinball!
8 years ago
While I do like the rules, I just can't get into the shots. Too many posts to be considered a good flowing game (S. Ritchie trademark). I've played this game a lot for league and every time I start putting something together, I hit one post and it's all over. No Fear = No Forgiveness.
8 years ago
Fun Steve Ritchie three-flipper layout, but lacks a good 'hook' IMHO. Rules are a bit too deep for must to understand, Sandman center arrangement gets old and Doc Ock is notorious for rejecting perfectly placed shots. I do like the combo encouragement and a lot of the rules, but I find GG and Venom confusing. Pretty fun gameplay overall though... not a drain monster.
8 years ago
Playfield looks too simple at first, but once you get a good feel for the rules it keeps you interested. Rewards good aim, zipper flippers are interesting and the two bells sound good in concert. Love the colors and art. Outlanes are huge and 100 point pop is dangerous if you go straight for it. I haven't played a ton from this era, but I've really enjoyed owning this pin!
9 years ago
Pretty cool game, interesting theme and I love the VW Bus. I would love to build a time machine out of a junkyard. Wrecking ball is a cool feature and adds an extra challenge for the multiball. Definitely recommend!
9 years ago
Very cool pin, although it seems that reliability is a bit low. Love the theme (and the movie) and think it works well as a pin.
9 years ago
Very neat pin, cool missions that are not crazy hard. I've had some EPIC games on these tables. The TV projection is well integrated and adds to the fun.
9 years ago
Very cool classic pin, I enjoy these every time I play em. Cool rules and yay for multiball!
9 years ago
Very fun pin, obviously designed by the "king of flow" Steve Ritchie. Culmination of Williams System 11 tech. Magnet w instructions is pretty cool, five different songs, multiball, ball save, atomic whip, well positioned pop bumpers. Fast gameplay for a 25 year old table. Highly recommend.
9 years ago
Very cool world class pin! I've enjoyed many games on these tables.

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