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3 months ago
Good game for beginners. Easy fan layout, simple rules.
4 years ago
Like many EMs this machine must be carefully dialed in to play well. It is a tough, good player. I played an example of this once that lacked pop and played waaaay too slowly to be much fun. When I got mine (totally inadvertently as part of a three machine bundle), I had no intention of keeping it. My plan was to get it running, use it as a practice machine for playfield, cabinet and plastic restoration and then sell it. I am SO glad that I spent the time I did to make it turn out as perfectly as my abilities could produce because now that it is done it is one of my favorite games.

Moulin Rouge, if clearcoated (in my case with acrylic lacquer) and fully rebuilt mechanically plays fast. The outlane areas are HUGE and brutal. The two inch flippers with the kickout saucers to either side means pretty much no catching or cradling. And then there are the three kickout saucers in the middle of the playfield that will either send the ball into sligshot mayhem or right back at you - classic drain risks but totally necessary to hit for scoring.

I love it that there are two separate scoring objectives. Objective option 1 - hit the A,B and C saucers (in order) to increase the value of the center. Objective option 2 - light up the painting on the mirrored part of the backglass by hitting all 10 numbered targets and rollovers. I also appreciate that you can collect the outlane rollovers for the easel as a skillshot at the top center of the playfield.

The art package for the playfield and backglass is arguably Art Stenholm's masterpiece.

Like many EMs, there is too much of a luck factor here for my taste. Ultimately, I prefer games in which a player's skill can and will result in better scores.
8 years ago
Rudy is the reason this pin is fun. Otherwise, I find the shots too repetitive. It really is fun to whack the bejeebers out of Rudy, though.
8 years ago
A fun machine that is good for honing basic skills. Rule set is very simple as was common at the time. It is a challenging playfield - that's part of what makes it fun and a good trainer. A great machine for its era that is still fun. Try using the left flipper for drop target and ramp shots to hone your backhand and control the universe!
8 years ago
A fun but repetitive game. Once you get your timing down for the left ramp and the loops this game becomes waaaay too easy. I love how it looks and sounds. I just wish the shots were more challenging.
8 years ago
A truly excellent machine that has stood the test of time. This is a great example of a well designed playfield that bridges the era of fields with just bumpers and targets to the more ramp and toy-centric modern playfields.

The shuttle multiball (2 or 3) is super fun but not the only fun or route to high scoring. Master the spinner shot and the U.S.A bonus multiplier for consistent high scores. Or try to really work with the s.h.u.t.t.l.e targets in combination with the shuttle value change ramp shot to score specific shuttle values (risky but fun)!