How I became a Pinhead!

By Pinhead1982

February 06, 2009

12 years ago

Well, where do I begin. I was always into big boys toys, when I was a teenager I came across a fruit machine in Cash Coverters, but like all responsable adults my father gave me the 'not while your under my roof' speach.

When I was early 20's my mate sold me a fruit machine and I put it in another friends flat, It made me some money and so I bought another, then another, then another, so I had 3 fruit machines and a x men 4 player machine all in my mates rented flat. I loved to play them, but something was missing.

I moved out from home and bought a flat, the fruit machines came with me, they went in the front room, soon after that urge to get something 'bigger' came up. Trawling through Ebay I came across a 1994 Williams DirtyHarry pin. Not the best shape but it was a start. It wouldn't fit in the front room with fruity so up the stairs it went (blood, sweat and tears later) into my bedroom after taking out some of the door frame.

It was an amazing game, I had always been a fan of Clint Eastwood and the DirtyHarry films. The quotes like , feel lucky punk, make my day.. truly great, The DMD scenes of throwing punks out of bar windows, and explosions, and special midnight mayhem.

A few years on and a bigger place and a room to fit all my machines I found my self wanting more, I picked up a 1992 Creature from the Black Lagoon with the limited 'Hot Pink' playfield in stunning condition then 1993 Indiana Jones and which is undergoing a restoration (new decals) and now a 1993 Twilight Zone. All this in 6 months. My goal is to have the Pinside top 5,

Those thinking of getting a pinball machine Beware


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12 years ago

Welcome to the site, Pinhead! Dirty Harry has always been one of my favourites and surely a highly underrated game. Maybe not too suitable for the lil' ones, but yeah, those animations are fabulous! An addiction it sure is, so keep those pins coming!

6 years ago

very nice story Dave, a good read. thumbs up

2 years ago

Amazing story!... and amazing collection the one that you have!


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