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8 days ago
Took me awhile to get into this game and understand the rules. Still could use some polish on the code (especially for the long pauses to catch up on annimations) which is defiantly coming. But, I really starting figuring things out and developing a strategy. I've had a ton of fun getting to know the game!
11 months ago
Absolutely stunning to look at. New cabinet design was a huge plus. The lighting is the best in any pinball that has been released in awhile.

I played a couple different games at TPF and another one back in Minneapolis. All of the games shot different, but none were all that great. The tank targets were a problem on all of them. ** None of them had the update for the targets, so I will circle back in my rating when I can get on a game that works better.

I'm hoping the narration improves with code. The story seems like it has an opportunity to be cool, but it was all over the place.

Looking forward to circling back on this title as code and mechanical fixes get implemented.
12 months ago
Great game. Has that one more game feel. Art work and presentation is top notch. Shots seem to flow even better than GZ. I hope with code updates come more verbal instruction for gameplay and some added mini modes and challenges. Similar to the amazing depth of Godzilla. Music is well integrated and ( so far) some fun voice calls. Just need more!
1 year ago
Had fun playing this at the local Barcade. Decided not to bring one home. Was just hoping for a little more in toys and honestly the sound fx, especially for the price. Doesn't mean I won't drop some quarters in it everytime I see it. Playfield design was fun and overall lighting seems to have improved.
3 years ago
Looking forward to the prem / LE. The pro fell flat on this title for me. Sure it shot fast, but that was because there just wasn't much on the playfield. The music was great and kept me engaged. Overall, it's a pinball... It's fun to shoot a game or two. Just don't need to bring this one home.
3 years ago
Overlooked this game when it first came out. Just picked up a routed LE and it is fantastic. Really shoots well. Code is fun. And Clelands sound mod puts a bow on this game. Has that "hit start one more time" feel. Very happy to have it in my collection for now.

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