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3 years ago
They made it three different times for a reason!
3 years ago
Fast and challenging! There are a couple good strategies for earning points, ripping the spinner being one. The spinner counter is an awesome feature, can't believe we didn't see this on more machines. For such a rare game I didn't expect it to be such a great player but it keeps you coming back.
4 years ago
Maybe not the most variety of shots etc, but sure is fun!
4 years ago
Eight Ball is always challenging and one of the most satisfying spinner shots out there!
4 years ago
Always a fun game to play!
5 years ago
Dragon is more of a novelty game than a pinball machine. Lots of fun for goofing around but doesn't belong in any competitions.
Sounds are good for a laugh as well.
6 years ago
Chicago coin wasn't operating at the same level as other manufacturers. The game has some okay features but not a fan of the build or play of the machine
6 years ago
Best recent Stern game! Loads of fun
6 years ago
Can't get into this game. I can see why some may enjoy it but I've played all three variations and don't find myself wanting more.
The outlanes are a bit tough combined with the wide flipper gap and ball time can be too short to get deep into modes. Add the library hole and train thing trying to shoot it down the middle just adds up to lots of swearing.

Jul 23/18: Rating updated. Either better code or a better understanding on my end but the machine isn't all bad. Next to a bank of other decent games it still isn't near the top for me.
6 years ago
Jungle Princess is a great game for all skill levels. The rules are simple enough to learn quickly or it is great fun to just try and get those monkeys.
Learning when and how to use the upper flippers is pretty important but not easy.
Thought about selling mine a couple times but once I play a game my mind quickly changes.
6 years ago
Buck Rogers is a great game. Seems very simple at first but there several choices to be made during the game.
Some of the most important shots are the most punishing, just the way it should be.
There are 2 different sound options that can be selected, the second one is awesome.
I only wish there was a spinner up the left side...
6 years ago
Very unique game with several strategy options. The rules can seem simple at first but as you learn it you will find yourself trapping up to consider strategy. I thought I had this game all figured out an mastered but a slight change to the difficulty settings put an end to that.
Outlanes can be harsh with no rubber post to nudge off of, controlled play is key. The Time Expander is one of the best toys in pinball and always surprises new players.
Sound is great especially with a sub, lots of bass on this machine! The yelling Dalek does annoy the wife from 2 floors away though..

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