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6 years ago
Hurricane is a lot of fun to play. I own it and love it. I find myself playing it all the time when I hit my game room. How it can be rated so low is beyond me, but to each their own. I think Williams did a fantastic job laying the carnival theme down with this one. IMO, it's world's better than Comet or Cyclone. I love the Hurricane ramp that circles back behind the flippers. Such an awesome ramp for the time. Also, the juggler is cool, the double ferris wheels are awesome and the dummy call out are hilarious. I just wish there were more of them.

Overall I think this is a terrific and fun machine that is a great addition to any home arcade. Pure, clean pinball fun and enjoyment for the whole family! :)
6 years ago
RFM is such an awesome machine. Not just fun, but super funny as well with some of the best call outs in all of pinball. It's a game that everyone wants to play when the see it. It really attracts the kids with the incorporated monitor too. They're entertained for hours. The game is absolutely genius with the incorporation of the CRT reflecting off the glass. The switch rollovers lining up perfectly with the characters reflecting off the glass is amazing too. I think RFM is starting to grow in popularity. Kids now a days are so heavily into video games they don't even know what pinball is. But when they see that they actually have to play pinball to beat the video modes within the game, they're hooked! To me, it's pure pinball fun and should be a top 25 game all day.
6 years ago
I've had to completely change my rating on this machine. I liked WOF and bought it for my wife cause she loves the show. I used it as an excuse to buy another pin. ;)

Now that I have played it 100 times and learned the rule set and mode features et all, this machine is awesome! The game flows extremely well with super smooth ramp shots. I love the wheel spin ramp shot. So cool!

Speaking of the wheel, I'd say it's one of the best toys in all of pinball! Very well incorporated into the game. It's a perfect rendition of the real thing that works perfectly to boot!

It's also great that they have Pat Sajak and Charlie O'Donnell's real voices in the game. I also love that the programmers (Lopp and Johnson)are in the machine as contestants and up on the translite. Maria (the female contestant) is also a Stern employee.I bet it's the only game in all of pinball where the programmers are on the translite and in the voice call outs. I love that!

If you like to "work" a pinball machine by having to nudge it, well probably the greatest nudge machine ever! Not since flipper-less games have you had to nudge a machine so much to work the ball for you. So much fun with its awesome front flipper dual drain set up. I think that's a pinball first, but not 100% on that.

Also cool is the out lanes. When the ball drains on the sides, there are 2 lanes on each side that the ball can drain down. BUT, you earn "Free Spins" while playing the game that when rolled over on the drain lanes will re-launch your ball. It's like having an extra ball! Great design and set up.

It's also a gorgeous machine to look at. Beautiful purple, blue, red and orange colors with great lighting. I HIGLY recommend Comet's frosted LED's on this one. I matched the bulbs to each corresponding color on the PF. Straight up eye candy! ;)

It's a bummer that Lopp and Keefer didn't get a chance to finish the games wizard code. To me, it's not a big deal cause I suck and would never get there. But for some, it would have been a great feature to have. Oh well, what can ya do?

Anyway, this really is a super fun pin that needs to be played in order to be fully appreciated and enjoyed. They're rare, so hopefully you can find one somewhere to play. I think you'll be glad you did. ;)
6 years ago
What can you say? Just an all around awesome game. Great ramps, shots, the cannons, multi-balls, video modes. Need I say any more? Definitely a great machine to have in a collection. Best mod add on is the color DMD. WOW!
6 years ago
Just an absolutely awesome game. Don't need to say anything more than that. But if you haven't played one, find one and play it. If you own one...Congrats! What a great playing, and sounding game. From the electric guitar slide sound on ball launch to the hammer. From the ball eating snake to sparky multi, it's just a fantastic machine.

New code only made this machine better! Re-rated accordingly. ;)
6 years ago
I just like the LE so much more. This is a great game no doubt, but my word, Angus' face ruins the PF on this one. Can't even look at it. Can't believe they couldn't come up with something better than that for the most prominent spot on the PF.
6 years ago
First off...Thank God for alternate translites.

Now that that's out of the way, LOL This is a really fun game. I love the switching ramp set-ups and the upper playfield is really cool. I also loved the lighted rings on the one I played. Really cool feature. The coolest feature is definitely the Sanctum ball lock. I LOVE how the magnet holds the ball there and then's gone. So COOL!

Needless to say, this is a lot of fun for not a lot of money. Definitely worth having in your collection.
6 years ago
This is a good game but I wasn't overly impressed. There are some cool shots and funny call outs by Rudy, but the ball drained really fast on this game. I love the double plunger feature. Extra points for that. I could see why some people love this machine while understanding why some aren't impressed either.

That said, I would add this if I had a medium to large collection for sure.
6 years ago
This being rated ahead of the LE is a joke. The LE with the lighted rails alone blows this away. Is the Pro a great game? Definitely. But the LE is much better IMO. I'm sure some have voted based on the fact of pricing between the two. I didn't take that into consideration in my voting. I don't think it applies to the gameplay or lighting etc when voting.
6 years ago
Love White Water. This is one I will own one day. Awesome ramps and caves. This should be higher rated than what it is. Possibly a top 10 machine. Love BigFoot too. LOL Is there a better topper in ALL of pinball?
6 years ago
Another fun to own machine with a lot of cool shots and animations. Love the lights on this one too. I think it's rated just a tad bit higher than it should be.
6 years ago
Another 5 across the board rating. This was a lot of fun. I drained balls faster than I liked, but definitely a great game to play with arguably the greatest ramp show ever made. A definite keeper and a collection must. I'd love to own this machine. A lot of family fun.
6 years ago
5's straight across the board. This machine does everything very good, Fun shots and theme. I mean, who doesn't like magic? Way better than MM not nearly as good as TZ though. A machine I'd love and be proud to own some day,
6 years ago
A very nice game esp for its age. A real classic. And even though I had fun playing this, NO WAY This should be ahead of ST. Not even close. Nuff said.
6 years ago
This is a cool/fun machine to play. I think it's rated higher than what it should be, but I found it to be better than some ahead of it, namely MM. I'd own this all day over MM.

Edited...After putting in another 20 plays on LOTR, I have to increase my rating on this. I never cared for the movies, but this is a great game. A tone of fun and great shots to make on this pin. I gotta get one of these one day.
6 years ago
I gotta admit, I don't get the big deal with this game. I put 10 plays in on this thing this weekend and I just wasn't impressed. I'll get bashed for this, but I'm sorry, this is my personal opinion. Ball drained left and right on this thing. Seemed like there wasn't a lot to hit on the playfield either. Everything up top with a barren middle. Like I said, this a revered game. The fact that they are re-doing it speaks for itself. But I'm sorry guys, I just didn't feel it and it was a big disappointment. At least from what I was expecting from the #1 rated game of all time. This thing doesn't even come close to holding the sweaty jock strap off a TZ.
6 years ago
I will say that, TFTC is a better game than I thought it would be, but I definitely think it's higher rated than it should be. There are some fun shots and ramps in here that are pretty cool. I think it's a good player game but I could see myself getting bored with this after awhile. For me, this is a fun pin to play out in the wild, but not one I would want in my personal collection.
7 years ago
I have owned this pin for 3 weeks now and feel I can make a proper judgment on it. That said, I LOVE this game! It is fast, furious and fun! The lights, the sounds, the modes simply awesome!

The only negative thing I can say about this machine is on the PF toys. Mega Tron is garbage. They could've made him so much nicer with LED's in the eyes and so much meaner looking too. I mean, this is the leader of the Decepticons!

StarScream is cool but could've benefited greatly from a nicer paintjob.

The IronHide mini PF is something I personally like. This game is so fast that when the ball goes up in there it gives me a few seconds to collect my thought, look around at the PF and up at the DMD. SO I appreciate the PF slowing it down for a few. The thing I absolutely love is the sounds in the PF scoring when that mode is activated. I just LOVE the old school EM chimes and this sounds better than the real thing.

Now, about this machines sounds, I feel it is one of the absolute BEST sounding machines ever made. Those deep sounding robot voices and all the explosions sound nothing short of AWESOME! And, when you add a nice Subwoofer to the machine, it even sounds better! Sound is a straight up 10 for me.

All that said, this is a GREAT theme with great flow. Awesome lighting and sound too. I HIGHLY recommend this game and personally feel it is the best deal in the pinball world today. I mean, an AMAZING Limited Edition pin for $4-$4.5K, WITH mods!!!??? That, is a STEAL!
7 years ago
Sorry. I'm biased. This game means a lot to me. Playing this as a kid with my brothers and dad just brings back nothing but GOOD memories!
7 years ago
I loved this game and slugfest too. I have a ton of great memories playing this with my dad and brothers at the beach. So much fun and if I had room, I'd definitely own one.
7 years ago
Sorry, but I'm a sucker for a pin that combines a video game in with it. See Caveman!

I really like this game for what it was. It was a decent blend of both worlds. Playing the pinball section was some fun as was the maze section. What pissed me off was the ghosts were faster than you in this as opposed to other "Pac" games, so you'd die quickly. It was tough trying to finish a couple mazes. But still, this was an overall fun game to me. = v )
7 years ago
Terrible game. Nuff said.
7 years ago
This game totally stunk! When I played it, the damn flippers weren't even strong enough to hit the cue ball all the way up. And that was the problem with most of them. Terrible sounds too. Just an epic fail.
7 years ago
I'm surprised this isn't higher up the list. I think this was a fun game with some nice flow. Some fast shots too. I especially love the mini PF. That was a great add. Love it in Family Guy as well.

Overall, I think this is a fun family game worthy of a medium sized collection.
7 years ago
A decent game. Nothing overly special. Some hilarious call outs. I wouldn't own this, but would throw a few bucks at it at an arcade.
7 years ago
If you love Family Guy as I do, you'll find this hilarious. For a family game, you need to set it to it's "G: rating (if it has that option) like South Park. You wouldn't want the little ones to hear everything that's said. Just like the show, it can be a bit crude.

I think the flow of this game is good and I loved the mini "Stewie" PF. I know it's a Shrek copy but it's cool.

This is a fun collector machine for sure.

7 years ago
I am stunned at how low this game is rated. I have to admit that when I got behind this I thought it was going to be bad. It has the looks of a game from the 80's, but man, what fun!

Of all the new games that are out there since 2005, I was able to play this one the longest.

I love the deer moving back and forth. It totally reminded me of being out at the driving range and trying to peg the guy in the cart as he drives around picking up the balls. A lot of fun.

I think this is a great medium sized collection add. It doesn't match up in color, sound or fun to the newer machines out there, but for its theme, it's a lot of fun none the less. This game needs more love. IMHO.
7 years ago
Loved playing this machine, especially the Magnetto.

I admit that I'm not crazy about the giant Wolverine taking up all that space on the front of the playfield, but I love how he catches and throws the ball at you.

I thought the sound was great (as are all the new machines) and it had some funny call outs as well.

All said and done, If I had the room, I would definitely own one.
7 years ago
This rating is based on only a few plays, BUT, you only need to play this a few times to respect what's going on and see how much fun this is. I think the crystal ball is a revolutionary playfield addition. You can see the images perfectly in there.

The back glass display is also revolutionary because it's like watching WOZ on TV

I think JJ really out did themselves here. Truly a great machine that is a lot of fun to play.

My first rating was based on a few plays. This weekend I put about 15 more plays on this out in the wild. This is the most visually gorgeous machine ever made. The lighting is so amazing, it actual distracts you from playing because you want to watch the lights while peripherally watching the ball instead of the other way around. What an amazing machine this is. To me, it's the #3 game ever made behind TZ and STLE. I will own this one day for sure. If you own it, congrats.
7 years ago
AC/DC it is not, BUT this is a fun game to play. I don't even care for Metalica but for a few songs, and I enjoyed playing it. If you're a fan of the group, you'll love it even more.

Great sound couple with some fun adult call outs. Good flow to the game as well.
7 years ago
You know, I thought this game was going to be a silly game, and I LOVE TX Hold Em. When I finally got the chance to play it, I thought it was pretty cool, I like the upper playfield and also how you shoot for cards.

I don't think this should be this far don the list, but hey, to each his own. = v )
7 years ago
I can't figure out how this game is not in the top 100. Not the best of the new machines out now-a-days, but a fun game with great lighting and sound.

I also thought it had good flow and would be a nice edition to a medium sized collection.
7 years ago
Great game. Love the Hulk LE best. You just can't beat the sound quality of these new games. The lighting is great along with some fun fast shots. Wish I had one.
7 years ago
I think this is a good game. I love the glove in this. It's a fast player too. Fun and worth adding to a medium sized home collection.
7 years ago
You know, I just didn't find this game to be all that. Some cool animation and shots but the spinning soccer ball? I'm just not feeling it. It's an ok game to drop 5 bucks I at an arcade, but not one that I would care to add to my home collection. I know people love this game. I just didn't feel it.
7 years ago
This will always be a classic. The longest running cartoon in history is deserving of a pin that will stand the test of time for fun and laughs.

This is a riot to play with some very funny sound track. Some cool shots too. Overall nice artwork and playfield. Definitely a great game to add and keep in your collection.
7 years ago
Another one on my wish list. I love the outer racetrack on this game. So cool! I don't even like nor follow Nascar but really enjoyed playing this game. I felt it had good flow and some cool shots. Love the multi-ball on this with the balls zooming around the racetrack. This would definitely be a keeper for me.
7 years ago
This is a real fun game, esp for its time. Fast and fun with some cool shots to make. I always loved the scoring of this game. Meaning, if you scored 150 mill, that was a great game as opposed to some of the crazy scoring in machines today.

Anyway, the sounds in this are really cool for the time. Being able to choose a song with your flippers...AWESOME! Esp PB Wizard. How do you top that? We're talking '91 here!

A very bright and colorful game. DJ B-Zarr is cool with his voice, sayings, singing and following the ball head movement. You gotta give it up for that.

It's on my wish list and should be on yours too. = v )
7 years ago
Another great game that's also on my wish list. This has a bunch of cool shots and features. Although the shrunkin head is a little freaky. LOL Still, it's a real fun game that has a lot of lastability to it. It's fun shooting around through all the continents. Very creative. I think this should be higher up on the top 100 list myself.
7 years ago
This is an overall good game. It's on my wish list as well. It's a pretty fun game with some cool shots. Keeping in mind the time of this games' it was a pretty sweet game for its time. Nothing overly great but definitely closer to great than being terrible.
7 years ago
Absolutely LOVED this game. Will own one some day for sure. Beautifully laid out and probably the best lighted game ever made with those Lighted Fiber Optic ramps. Of course the Shaker motor and sound just add to the whole package.

An awesome players game. Fast and fun! Definitely a collection keeper.
7 years ago
This was a fun game to play. Another title I'd love to own some day. Just an awesome 21st century game. With the sound, lights, and shaker, how can you not love these new LE games?

I will say that I am not a Trekkie nor have I ever been or will be. I just don't care for it past the original Billy Shatner and Lenny Nemoy Original TV series. That said, I still loved playing this game. Well thought out, fast and fun. A lasting collection title for sure. One most won't want to part with anytime soon. I know I wouldn't.

I had to come in and rerate this. I played this 5 times for my first rating. I just played this with my family and put about 15 plays on it out in the wild. I have a new appreciation for this machine. The Lights, the flow and the total game play is just amazing! One of the best total package machines ever made. I was floored at the awesome time we had playing this, I will DEFINITELY own one of these in a couple years. Congrats to you guys that do own it. Consider me jealous.
7 years ago
Another great Stern game. If you love AC/DC, you'll love this game even more. There's a lot going on in this pin and it is all fun. The lighting is great and the sound is awesome. I will say that I love their songs, but there's no doubt that it will get boring after awhile. Hec, I've got almost 3000 songs on my I-Pod and I'm sick of that! LOL So, after awhile, the thrill wears off and you're gonna get tired of listening to it. That's what I think anyway. It'd nice that people have figured out change and add songs. That a big plus.

I admit I don't like the devil horns/theme in the game, but that is "their" thing so to speak, so I understand it being in the game. Now, Angus' face on the Pro...Ughhh, I wouldn't want to look at that for too long. BUT, that is the Pro, and not this game the LE. So I didn't take that into my consideration in my vote.

As for the back glass and cabinet artwork, how much can you really do with any music group? The cabinet is well done for a group theme. The back glass, not so much. LOL

I'm also not crazy on the lower playfield. I don't like the sealed over hazey plastic and the whole thing seems kind of cheesy. Maybe that's just me, I don't know. But I feel it takes away from the great flow of this game. At least the times I played it.

Regardless of a few issues, this is one heck of an awesome machine that will always be well sought after and thus rated accordingly. ;)
7 years ago
What a great game! Would love to own one some day. Great sound, lighting and playability. This one will always be a crowd pleaser and will endure/last for a long long time in the top 25.
7 years ago
This is my first ever pin and I have to be honest and say that I think this is one really cool and fun game. I don't care for South Park and never have to be honest. But I have always loved Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny as well as Mr Hankey and their call outs and catch phrases. They totally crack me up. The Pin has the actual character voices and animations, as well as perfect rendering of the shows character likeness on all artwork. I love that and I love how bright and colorful the whole game is.

My kids have a ball playing this as well. And I appreciate the "G" rating capabilities in it too. It may not be the hardest pin out there, but it is very funny and fun.

I know a lot of people knock it for it's ease of making some of the shots, but this game has some near impossible modes to complete, like the Volcano mode. The Kyle shot is a tough shot to make too.

Anyway, we love this game. It's not the greatest by far, but it is definitely a much better game than it is rated. This should be within the 80 to 110 range IMHO.
7 years ago
Someday I will one a mint one of these. I've played a bunch of games on this, and to me, this game is just awesome! It helps to be a fan of the show as well and that may make me a little biased, but it is what it is. The TZ was way ahead of its time. The magnet playfield!? Come on! WTG Pat Lawlor. It would be the crown jewel of my collection. This didn't play a factor in my voting, but this is the greatest game in the World to mod out. I don't think there's another game close to having all the mods this does.

Just a fantastic and fun machine!