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1 year ago
Got a Pro . Have not seen or played a premium but if I do and it is any more fun than this I will most likely upgrade. Theme is a home run for me . Big fan/ So may be biased/ Fast furious and wow. much to do . flow and shots are satisfying . The new non DMD Screens are Awesome!!!
using real clips from the movies bring back the memories!
Choosing characters and paths /finishing missions is the goal / The Artwork of the cab and head are just great / any way you look at it / playfield art is too/ well lit / wizard modes / I keep playing and playing/ my poor other games are jealous / 6 balls in the game . grand slam
1 year ago
The gAme next to my all time favorite Metalica Prem. it holds on to close second now to becoming my favorite second game of all time/ The LE is the right choice for Lens flair ! It rocks from the guts to the metalicblue powder coating / all the shots are fun to shoot / no cannon needed and the kickback from the magnet at the Vengance ship is just wow.. the Playfield art is a little weak . so is the Backglass . goes a little blurry towards the back of the ship. perhaps that is a warp effect? The Lights on this game are a sight to behold right down to the side art on the flipper protectors / clearcoating of these are great too. Compared to what I see of the new LE Star wars . this is a step upward from that but SWle came after STle/ weird . Great game Top 5 for sure
1 year ago
Kind of sluggish game like a TZ and just about as many toys /gimmicks . loads of video modes and very deep rules / Never mastered the game before I sold it for something better
1 year ago
game I have is clear coated and plays faster than any other I have played. And even still I feel it plays sluggish/ Not as much flow as a STTNG . Still a great very deep awesome game. Top 2 not with all the new gems coming out still.. The game has good toys and gimmicks . gumball machine and magna flipper upper playfield but that is about it .
1 year ago
When you play a dialed in LE . it is just awesome , again and again, The Hulk Toy Is great . The tight shots are not easy but when you make them Bliss!! I have Hooked's Modded one and it is for sure one of the fun one;'s at home / The callouts are so much better than X men . Very happy that we can change them with Pinbrowser and since then I have my games With call outs I love to hear and proper music backround . These sterns are a bargain since the Negtative troll Reviews plenty to do on this machine
1 year ago
Fast And furious. Great flow. Not a SUPER deep Pin but gets you coming back again and again. Car theme / Interesting toy / Dmd game you do not see often/ if you like Short Ball games do to being so good , this will be a satisfying game. End goals are Not that wow-ish
2 years ago
The game is fast fun in a box . not the greatest art package But all the elements of pinball merge into a bliss of fantastic shooting pleasure. Lights , color changing on a pro is awesome . the flow is furious. Thank goodness for the few times it slows play in the fast and furious pyramid kickback area under the Cool mechanical dragon . You choose prizes and or a video mode . If you like the show and you like pinball , the Pro is a good/great choice . I have many LE/premium models now and in past but the Pro on this one is the true champion .
2 years ago
This is a great game to play, fun and fast / yet get a break here and there/ lots of risk and reward shots/ Getting custom sounds is awesome . a keeper/ now in my Top ten of the most fun to play / a great change up to keep next to my MET Premium
3 years ago
AWESOME STEVE RITCHIE GAME.. I like the callouts. the modes. the shot layout. the multi balls. I keep going and going and playing and repeating. It is what pinball is all about..
3 years ago
The flow is awesome / the rules easy to understand for gaining GigaBytes are great integration of the theme into a pinball machine /The glove /if working properly is a great gimmick and more fun at two player games ,by being able to block others multiballs .ha / and when set up and playing smooth and correct this game is super fast // Loops/ramps/ combos /Cool modes its got all that /
The playfield is nice for the theme / no photoshop here =) / My backglass is set up with certain hand picked Leds including a few color changers and it looks great. makes people want to play with it looking like so much going on
The Dot matrix animations are understandable if you seen the movie otherwise some things may have you mystified .
Most sounds from movie then some Sound Impersonators but almost believable .Good sounds light and great work for such a crazy Theme they went with .. Much fun that makes you want to keep it . It is like a The Shadow Light >lol =) and The Shadow is The Johnny Mnemonic On steroids IMHO All Things posted in this review are my personal opinion and not That OF PinSide crazy other fanatic pinheads
3 years ago
The game is real fun to play, has Metal ramps and is a tough game and can take a beating and clean up nice.. the backbox draws you in being part of the game(best backbox game ever) as you shoot targets . after completing it gets progressive and you start having to hit the moving target(light) to complete the mode to score higher .. the artwork is Photoshop but has the characters which we like . the cab artwork is nothing special . A good flow game and a good sequel to Steve's first Terminator game T2 . It's a good game to own for a few years . for me not a keeper .
4 years ago
The game is a keeper if you have room for more than one pin. Can get old if only game . Awesome all around fun for the rookie to the Pro . The pro will bore of it after a while how ever . Funny adult theme pin. Reaching Scared Stiff and beating the timer/ Getting all the backbox lights done to reach Spider multiball . Sounds easy huh... When i see one i go to play it
4 years ago
This is my new Grail < Was Sttng . and then SM but now METPrem.SM/STTNG . The game has so much/ Modes/multiballs / lots to hit and aim for.. if this game was in Stereo OMG how awesome would it be ..this is a keeper for EVER . With Pinbrowser available I gave it an excellent rating now / The Snake Jaw drop target is a favorite . Modes galore. Crank it up mode is like having 4 different Scared stiff o meters to accomplish . AWE SOME
5 years ago
Great Layout and Rules, Bond music and speech/Great lighting which can be upgraded even better with carefully placed led's , When set up in great working order this game is an A game . definite sleeper pin, Best value pin with the latest Price increases across the board. One of the best SEGA's 5 ball multiball / satellite dish to cap balls being launched from hidden ramp wow . Playfield Art and Backglass very nice and full, Cab ehh . but a nude woman is ok in my house but rated it low as the rest of the art is bland on the cab and head and does not look like the Moonlighter
5 years ago
Very Under rated , Due to very limited run and not on location due to Adult theme , lots of things to do , Mini wiz modes and very fun to have on the Adult profanity . Not for the kids but adults love it . many folks have never seen or played it ...
5 years ago
The game Is Deep and shots are many, Many great callouts and much variety in music per modes. all around fun Game to play , Art is awesome with the most variety of color than any DMD game I know of
6 years ago
The game is fairly simple to grasp the rules. and flow is king . The game is fast and exciting the music and sounds are great and soothing. , The Mouse traps are awesome though the back left trap is hard to see being covered by the left ramp. but love the ramps and the back Hole shot that builds bonus for the Million point shot.. Cute art , Very under rated pin, Could be had cheap and worth every penny.. Great tune when you hit the high score . Yeah Baby!! and that was before Austin Powers Yeah baby Call out .. The playfield art and backglass are very well done but the Cab art Is sort of plain and they used so much red which usually fades so most cabs look yellow and blue . Oppossed to red ,yellow blue .
7 years ago
Some Playfield Charachters Should have been people we know not Ones that are not well known. Lighting could be better , even With Leds some areas are to dark. It is my favorite Wide Body so far .
7 years ago
T2 Arnold . Steve Ritchie = Great Pin
7 years ago
Well For a 2 multi ball Game set at 3 balls it is also hard to score high when 100% working and set up fast . It is a great game as i still own it even though i like 3 ball multiball games at a minimum . It has a great set of sounds for anything in the game . With the plunger Skill shot being fun it starts off fun and keeps you having fun as you play . i have yet to reach the sun and that was with crediting an extra ball for every award . Still being played by guests as they come over and it seems to be the one most remember . Looks even better dressed with LED lights . Great Pin . Out of the 3 Bot Series i like this the best .
7 years ago
The game is a mixed bag of fun , Has a Submarine that shoots balls at your flipper for Multiball . As a 3 ball game it is hard to score high unless you hit multiball. The Game is Sexy when it comes to the Girls on it and in the Speech . The Playfield art is Somewhat called cartoonish biut i happen to like it , the Playfield plastics are very nice .It is a Nice looking game with the seal of the illuminati on it /Hmnn Atlantis/illuminati / treasure / Much fun and you don't see them everywhere and hard to find nice but when you do they seem to be had for cheap.. underrated pin .
7 years ago
The game stands the test of time and still Rides on. Black knight may be the Best Steve Ritchie game evah!! , At least in my opinion and i have played many of his games as well as Own them . Awesome Game working 100 percent and clean . A must have for a system 7 game collector
7 years ago
It Is a Fun Player , It is fast . Can Drain fast if you botch shots or go for the Multiplyer which is the Dunk the Dummy . which he taunts you . iy is cool for the first ten dozen times then you want to dunk that dummy for real . no but the game is Missing some lights in the Bumper caps but ive seen them all like this. And can be a little dark and when you hit some shots the great light show hides your ball well and sometimes drains.. All in all good to have in your collection once .Maybe keep if it apeals to you , very Clown oriented as oppossed to Amusement park and Roller coaster with the DmD screen