A Pinball-Loving Youngster

A Pinball-Loving Youngster

By PinDog00

December 27, 2016

1 year ago

The first pinball machine I played was at an arcade named Flippers, about three years ago. That machine was Monster Bash, and I loved every minute of playing that machine. Now, I'm a pinball geek, and I make the effort to seek out pinball of any age or style. There is no pinball machine that is not worth playing in my opinion. If it's a good machine, then play it! Have as much fun as you can doing so! If it's a bad machine, play it anyways! It will allow you to explain why that game is bad if you know the machine well enough. Compared to other people in the community, I'm a bit of a youngster. I wasn't born during the pinball boom in the late 80's and early 90's, but I still love being in an age where great pinball companies such as Jersey Jack, Stern and Spooky Pinball are present, and producing state of the art pinball machines every year.

Also, I'm a pinball designer. Well, none of my designs ever go into production, but it's fun to sketch out ideas for pinball machines that I think would be fun. I have made designs for a Panic! At The Disco pinball machine, as well as designs for a Transformers G1 pinball machine and a pinball machine based on bowling, which I have lost and is probably in a folder somewhere. I love designing games, even if I can't get them into production.

I have never owned a pinball machine in my entire life. I have a few low-quality toy pinball machines such as a Baseball pinball game and a TMNT pinball game, but I wouldn't count those as "real" pinball machines. I get most of my pinball playing from places such as Gameworks, Mutiny Information Cafe, and The 1up. Also, I go to a pinball convention called the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown, which happens once a year around summer, which is by far my favorite place to play pinball. Also, I have a few pinball video games such as Pinball FX2 (Zen Pinball), Pinball Arcade, and Pro Pinball: Timeshock. I play these games when I'm not able to play Pinball at other locations. Maybe I'll be able to afford a pinball machine for my own, but for now, I still seek them out at other places, which is why you'll see most of my favorite machines in my wishlist.

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