My best game ever.

By PinDoctor82

May 02, 2019

25 days ago

I'm sure we all have one of those magical games we can recall.  I would have loved for my story to be about a ridiculous game on Ghostbusters or Indiana Jones, but instead, it was Kiss Premium.  The hilarious thing is that my buddy traded for the game and he had been playing it non-stop.  I remember him saying how he sucked so bad at it.  I thought the game looked fun, but I wanted to play one of the other pins when he convinced me to give it a go (he didn't have to twist my arm or anything).  Well, the planets aligned, and I somehow just owned it.  I remember getting like 8 multi-balls and something like 4 or 5 extra balls during play.  I forget the score, and I regret not keeping track of that, but it was the top score on that machine, outscoring the previous owner by a significant margin...probably pushing 1 billion or so.

I did play it several times since that fateful day, both on that machine before it was sold, and on location in a few places, and I can't come even remotely close to matching that game.  I can't explain why everythin clicked on my first game ever on it either - it's almost as if I got worse as I spend more time these days trying to decide which song to choose on that game because, well, none of them are what I would consider to be that good, haha.

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