A New Stop For Bally Fans!

By PinCup

September 05, 2021

47 days ago

Hello Friends,

I want to let the EM Bally fans know about an AirBnB where 2 vintage Bally pinball machines are on free play in the game room of the house.

If you are vacationing to the Grand Canyon, Sturgis, or Mt Rushmore, this place is well worth a stay. Here is a link;


I gave Mike a Bally Delta Queen for his first pin, 1 year later I found a Bally Safari for him.  He has put both machines in the AirBnB for guests to play. Pics soon.

As a new collector, I keep him in Bally. They run great and are easy to repair. If you have an old Bally EM you want to move along, DM me, please.


Story photos

safari (resized).png
DQ (resized).jpg


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