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9 days ago
I am at a loss of words this time.Beatles is wonderfully fun. I am not going to get rid of this machine as it combines old school pinball ball with new technology and hits an absolute Homerun!
Truly pleased to have a game in my collection that is new with no ramps no gimmicks (spinning record not included) no subways etc...
I cannot believe I waited so long to get one of these.
Mic Drop
56 days ago
A uniquely different pinball experience.
With so many games over the years it's wonderful to play a completely different layout.Very immersive game with great light shows and sounds.
Code 1.09 running

Halloween will keep you on your toes.
72 days ago
What is wrong with pinball people? This game is an absolute pleasure to shoot and very different from many pinball machines. 6 pop bumpers, drop holes, ramps, magnets. What more do you people need? Buy it play it you won't be disappointed.
9 months ago
Wow what a steep ramp.

This is an absolute pleasure to play uniquely different from many pinballs.Knocker add on is cool.
Will keep longer than most.
9 months ago
Fast and I do mean fast.
This game will make you cross.
I'm really falling hard for these early Bally titles.
No Multi ball?(don't care it's a blast to flip)
10 months ago
Found one locally went to play it thought it was quite boring at 1st.
Watched a few videos learned what I was doing and after understanding and tuning up game a bit it is rather fun.I think the game looks very sexy next to some of the older titles I have.

Based on that and the good game play it'll be staying for a little while.

Ordered a brand new playfield will install it someday then edit review.

New CPR playfield installed! Now it's crazy fast playing. Fun game with cool sounds.(keeper for awhile)
1 year ago
When I 1st began playing the game it was slow and boring. Then I set the game Steeper man what a difference. This thing is stupid fast for an EM.I loose balls much quicker now.
This is one old school game that I enjoy playing with a deep enough rule set to keep me hitting that replay button over and over.
Super happy I stumbled upon the wedgehead games. I do believe I'll start collecting those now.

1 year ago
Ok art is So-So.
Sound is fun and campy.
Enjoy the Horn/Buzzer a ton.
Gameplay if tuned in and shopped is absolutely a blast!!

Super Happy to find such a nice example.
1 year ago
Mandalorian is a very fun game to play. That being said I prefer the pro version over the premium.Do not care for the 2 flippers in the rotating head really really like one flipper and same level as playfield.

Premium feels too crowded to me.

No need to write the game as everybody else has it is a very fun game.
1 year ago
I was one of the first to have a home example and after many many days/plays I can report.
Such a fun pin to shoot.
Great Theme for me. I enjoy playing as much or more than Starwars Premium I own.
I received this around same time as GNR yet I play this way more.
Definitely not saying it's as good as GNR because it's not.
Super entertaining and keeps me coming back again and again.
Thanks Stern
1 year ago
Oh My Goodness!
Is this the most fun I've had playing a pinball? Yes!
Best NIB purchase to date by a mile.
Best sounding
Best Ligtshow
Best Theme and integration ever.
If I wasn't a GNR fan before I sure as hell am now.
Nothing at all negative to say and wife absolutely loves it.
Mods needed? Maybe buttons rose decoration that's it.This puppy is packed.Man I thought my JP and Wonka ect... were fun boy was I wrong.
Weeeeeeeee GNR Score!
Get one now. You won't regret it.
1 year ago
Got board almost immediately.
For me it's just ok.
Will never own it but was ok to flip.
I do like art and 1980s throwback.
2 years ago
What an absolute pleasure to flip. Bought this second hand thinking hope it doesn't suck like the Pro version I played in 2017(just after it was released). Man was I in for a suprise.
Wicked fast and very very fun. I added a Subwoofer and Shaker motor immediately after 2 days of ownership. Oh my goodness what a difference then updated to current 1.10 version.
Now Wife hates Starwars and after only 2 games looked at me and said this is a great game.She likes the lights and layout.

I'll do and update after 1000 plays but for now I'm loving the art/gameplay for sure.

Put on a ton of games.
This game is awesome I was playing older code and now 1.10v
Absolutely a blast to flip and Hyperspace loop is fantastically fun.
Art is beautiful
Call outs are fun.
Super stoked I own this pinball machine.
2 years ago
I put enough games in now to judge.

Got to tell you when I 1st got the game I put it up for sale after some drinking on day one.
I then reached out to pinside griping about not being able to see the upper area of playfield do to backglass being way to bright.
Also lots of drainage on right do to leveling issues.
Finally got machine dialed in and this thing is stupid fast!
Game play on this is unlike any machine I own it is virtually like going back in time to older style EM machines with added speed. I have never had to nudge a pinball machine so much. Really enjoying that fact.
Shots for left ramp can be back handed with ease.there is a slight clunkienes which actually makes the nudging more enjoyable.
The right ramp is not easy to hit so it feels rewarding when it's achieved.
After many games and a lot of thought I do believe we have a keeper.

Thank you to designer for making a game different than I'm used to.
2 years ago
To dang easy but for back in the 90s definitely good!

Trouble is it now 2020.

I'll never own this do to simplicity.
2 years ago
Definitely not a favorite.

Gets old fast.

Marveled out here.
2 years ago
Just wanted more after coming off the Jurassic Park which I enjoy alot.
Shots are good however I got board quick on this theme and layout.
I'm not in on owning this one any time soon.
Used someday I'm sure but not now.

Feel free to flag me if you like however games just not that good.
I enjoyed Houdini way more and that go old quick as well.
2 years ago
Fast and furious.
When playing with other it's an adrenaline rush!
Playing alone is just ok.

Great bang for the buck.
Great to own in a larger collection only IMO.
2 years ago
Own some time ago.
Was fun briefly only kept because lightshow was fun.
Won't by it again
2 years ago
Not much to say because others have said it already.

Really I'm Mega impressed!
Best Pat game ever created.

After putting many plays on this machine I'm going to state this is the most fun pinball machine I have ever owned!!!
I have had around 90 titles total and the grand prize goes to D.I.
Even more than my 10k Wonka.
2 years ago
I have had over 80 pins since 2003 and I bought this do to being local. I had no Idea my 14 year old would fall in love. He plays this machine more than anything I own and i have some awesome titles. I seriously enjoy it as well. Really glad to have stumbled on to this blast from the past!
2 years ago
A real looker. For system 11 games this is a nice addition.
Strange I enjoy Rollergames more?
2nd tie buying Diner and I'm guessing I won't have it for to many years.
Shots are easy and callouts are fun yet repetitive.
If the playfield didn't look so darn nice I wouldn't have this in my collection.
3 years ago
Really wanted to like this pinball machine, but yawn I'm board after 10 games.
Rare yes.
Keeper? No way.

Glad I found a good playing machine local as it was on my wishlist.
Not anylonger.
3 years ago
Many mistake this for a regular pinball machine which it is not.
This falls in the Bat and pitch realm of a sports theme.
Do not judge this on a one player game as it is quite boring.

However get more than one player and let the fun begin!
Some have called this a drinking game and I have to agree.

After putting many games on this with my family I hsve to say this is amazing!
Definitely the most fun multiplayer machine I've ever played.
It stirs so much emotion when you're trying to beat your competitor.
Anger, frustration, rising heart rate.
This game brings out the competitive beats I'm my 14 year old.
He literally screams at the machine some times.
Other times he taunts me claiming he's the best.
None of us are soccer fans however Dang this is A-blast.
It's fun from the start but the more drinks you have the more it becomes majorly entertaining.
This is the only machine that I have purchased that my wife thanked me over and over again for buying.

This is a huge factor as I have been in the hobby for over 15 years and she's constantly nagging me about buying machines.

The call outs are hilarious, the entertainment never ends because you're constantly trying to beat 1 another.

Thank you to Capcom for thinking outside the Box and creating this wonderful treasure.
Glued to the floor do to condition and rarity.
3 years ago
Hard to find a theme/game the wife likes? Well turns out she loves this one. Sound is amazing when upgraded with speakers and Sub! Fast and furious with many SDTM which keeps me coming back. LE looks beautiful with chrome.
Truly happy I bought this one. In a good size collection it's a keeper and with very few made it's staying.
3 years ago
Wanted to like it but the playfield is super repetitive.
Wish they had a better layout. Like a rehashed attack from Mars.
Screen in middle blocks alot!
Never going to purchase this pin.

Better code very cool uv
3 years ago
Owned one 15 years ago and regretted selling Freddy ever since.
I like the theme alot as it brings me back to the 1980's.
When you learn the rules the game is quite fun.
Machine must be 100% to truly enjoy.
Art is beautiful and for being a Gottlieb its great.

I will not be letting this one go ever again.

Update game was just to slow and boring to keep after honeymoon. Love theme and art but not enough to take up a spot in my collection.

Freddy's Home
3 years ago
To me very over rated game. I really wanted to like it.
I do play it regularly because the arcade near me has a good working example, but this game should really be a 25 to 30 ranking.
I would only own this if it was around Popeye pricing.

Glad to see many people like it I'm just not one of them.
3 years ago
Super Glad to own this theme. Love working my way through the playfield.
Art is beautiful!
I will always own this pinball machine.
Callouts are fantastic and the Munchkins are a blast if you can reach them.
Great well rounded game.
3 years ago
The pinball makes me feel like I'm just and average player.

Few easy shot and some very difficult ones.

Family really enjoys this one but also gets frustrated with it.

Definitely a blast and thank goodness I don't have to pop in quarters.
Play it buy it.
Thanks Keith and staff for an amazing pinball experience!
3 years ago
I've owned this for 2 weeks and find it to be challenging.
Frankly it pisses me off sometimes but that's exactly what keeps me coming back .
The modes are hard to complete. Great! I get bored with ease/repetitive pins.
Old movie modes are a blast.
Straight jacket is harder mode I've ever encountered on any machine.
Absolutely wonderful game as it's truly unique by design.
I'm keeping it a long time because it's so different.

Thanks to newcomer America Pinball
3 years ago
All around it's a wonderful game.
For base model this is a great pinball with good enough backglass and cabinet art.
LE and CE are much nicer eye candy.
3 years ago
Owned for a while and I did enjoy it.
Just like newer titles way better.
It's a keeper in a 15 pin collection
3 years ago
Wonderful Theme.
It's a keeper for sure!

New updated blew the whole family away!!
Way to go Stern team absolutely nailed it.
This game is staying in my collection forever.

I'm also one of the lucky few that received LE playfield in my Premium cabinet.
3 years ago
I sold this pin once and never again it is always going to be a keeper in my collection.

Definitely when you're better 90's era pinball machines.

All around fun to flip!
3 years ago
I enjoy this way more than LOTR. I have owned both.
Deeper rules, visually stunning. Sound is terrific!
Not a huge wide body fan however hobbit I'll make an exception to the rule.
Definitely a keeper.
3 years ago
I've owned over 70 pinball machines in the 15 years of collecting.
This is by far my favorite theme as well as entertaining my fingers! Extremely addictive and a must have.
Jersey Jack nailed it.
Art is beautiful callouts are a blast and game flow is spectacular!

Is there a Candy hating group in here?
I've been flagged for Loving on Wonka Pins?
3 years ago
Have many newer pins and only so much room , but this will always be in my collection.
Love the callouts!
Enjoy the colorful art.
Sound for Era is amazing.
Theme is Excellent!!!
Getting rarer by the year.
Find one and never let it go.

Well new games kept coming out and were to good so I let BTTF go in Hope's stern makes a updated BTTF.
4 years ago
Own for a week and enjoy all the T.V clips it offers up.
Play extremely fast. Light show is a blast. Sound is great.
This one will be staying in the collection for awhile.

Sold after couple months. Extremely repetitive and boring!
So much for lasting in collection to bad I really wanted to love it but it just got old for the family fast.

Sorry. I'll never own this title again.
Honeymoon over!
I want a divorce...

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