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80 days ago
Ordered an LE and happy to no longer have it. Owners keep pumping this up as if it’s so amazing but once the honeymoon is over the realization is that this game gets old and tiring really fast. The upper playfield really has nothing to add. The parts are cheap and the game really lacks the WOW factor. Mini flipper is not satisfying at all.

The game itself really makes the movie seem much less than it was. The entire feeling/tone of the movie is lost and disconnected and completely scrambled.

My rating is taking into consideration the high MSRP. These games at this cost need to offer more.
3 months ago
I finally got to play a local EJ continuously for 3 hours.
I consider myself a decent player and to keep my attention long term a game does need to have a variety of modes and shots and features - preferably changing as I progress in the game. For me it is all about achieving something and/or trying to get somewhere. Mini-wizard and wizard modes are made for me. Now I agree that is not the same for everyone.

First off the game is amazing to look at. It is lit up like 1500 candles in the wind (haha see what I did there?) the backbox color and lighting is great and the side art, rails, etc do not disappoint.
The shots are really nice and the flippers are snappy and ready to swallow down combos lower, upper, upper, lower like a Crocodile in a duck pond. The most satisfying shots for me are the upper loop and upper ramp/piano lock shot. That one especially! Getting it to that upper flipper and watching it float around and into the piano is smooth like a hot knife through butter. Mmm so smooth and buttery.
Now as I said I played continuous for 3 hours so yeah the game draws you in and you want to play again. But I am a bit manic when it comes to new games so that’s not unusual.
I figured out the idea of the code and concept of the game fairly quickly. I was able to select each of the 4 concert stars and see each one through the piano mutiball. I was really hoping the screen would take me to LA or Vegas or London but the screen did not make me feel I was at those concerts at all. I found this disappointing. Seeing all 4 of the concert mutiballs was not a big deal and yes the more recent concerts had harder shots to complete and get jackpots (upper ramp and loops instead of the lower flipper shots) but aside from that they were similar. Could I qualify and get all 4 stars in a single game to get the final star in the middle. Yes I am sure I could but it doesn’t have the challenge or allure that I like in my games. The same goes for the songs and the albums. Songs you hit notes, qualify glasses, boots and jacket and then “power up” by hitting upper loop to collect. Could I do all songs in a game? Likely not and I don’t know why I would want to. The different glasses and boots and jackets were cool for sure. The albums you clear out the drops and collect them. They move around so you have to hit different targets but yeah you just keep smashing targets and getting albums which is fun to do and see how many you can get. Could I get all 30+ in a game? I doubt it but again why?
Hit the crocodile so many times and get crocodile MB and hit the rocket so many times to fill the tank and get rocket MB. More times with each successful MB. Rocket multiball with the 3…2…1 launch was as exciting the last time as it was the first time. Dont thing I would ever tire of that. Kinda like Sparky getting fried on Metallica but not really the same but sort of.
My plan was to make the decision and buy EJ after playing. It is fun. It has great shots. So do a lot of games I love. The code is not as exciting as many games I like. The build up is not there as I have with others. But ultimately for me I found many of the songs (aside from a few) just don’t go with the fast flow of this machine. In fact most of them do not. It just didn’t fit for me. Now I love Elton John’s music and I say he is an amazing artist and deserves all the accolades he has received and more. But playing to those slow, chill songs for me just didn’t do it. I would pick Saturday night or pinball wizard or crocodile rock but ultimately the next song would come on and you can’t pick those same ones always.
For me the experience at $12,000 or $15,000 has to be pinball love 100%. I have to love everything. And as much as there was to love, there was enough not to love for me to move away from that kind of $$. I would say at $10K and $13K the bar lowers and I would have been a buyer.
I write all this as I really really wanted to get myself one and I really really wanted to love it as I have heard so many rave about how amazing it is. I feel in 3 hours i saw most of everything i was going to see. There is no disputing it is a gorgeous game and I can’t see anyone being disappointed. Especially if money or losing money is no concern.
4 months ago
As a non-marvel fan, I pocked up AIQ premium in a trade with the full intent to just sell it. However after playing 50+ games on it now I am totally hooked! What a refreshing layout and the combos on this thing are INSANE. With multiball it looks like a theme park as balls rock around 3+ wire ramps in all directions. Also I have the custom movie code so I love the music and clips. Maybe I wouldn’t like the animations as much? I’m not sure. On location I agree the code is probably a bit too deep but for home it is exactly what I NEED. I love the unique modes like the limited flips on Soul Gem and the antigravity and helicopter ramps are so satisfying when you slam them! Overall so surprised to love this game as much as I do. I put it just below JP and above my GZ. I like it better than GZ because I don’t need 1+ hours to have a satisfying game.
5 months ago
Great layout and fast flowing pinball action. Sounds and modes are exciting. I find there is just too many modes and the progression is too slow. Reminds me of a multiball fest like JJP. Every city you have tank multiball and bridge multiball and Godzilla multiballl. And during multiball you are not progressing or fighting your monsters. I find the lack of stacking is what makes this a game in my collection that I only go to when I know I have 45min to an hour to play. If you want to play to the end make it 90 minutes even if you are a top player.
5 months ago
Clunky and I found it really not fun at all. Scoring is not balanced and shots are not smooth. No flow at all.
5 months ago
Purchased the LE and yes it is a gorgeous looking game but not gorgeous enough for me to make up for the really narrow rule set and lack of shots. Quality of the game itself is high but there is just nothing that would make me come back for more after 50 games or so. On location I would likely choose something else as well but for home it was just a sleeper for me. Sorry. I still love my AFM and this looked great next to it but looks are not everything.
1 year ago
I have played the pro and the LE version and I must say I really love this game. The shots and layout are unique and like nothing I have played before. The flow and combos are incredible. Upper playfield is also challenging and adds another dimension as you multiball and try to jackpot up too at the same time.

Othe unique refutes include the KaFoom popper that sends the ball back up the playfield and the ball save dead post that makes you feel like a champ as you hold tue left flipper and the ball bounces out of the death grip and onto your right flipper.

I also like that you can approach this game in so many ways. By modding your van you can make each mode more rewarding or easy to finish.

I don’t consider myself a huge Foo fighter fan but the music really rocks great while playing pinball. The callouts still need some work but this is still on early code.

Overall this has taken over the top spot in my very diverse selection of games. So fun to play and so callenging. “Just one more game… just one more game” awesome!
3 years ago
I purchased Hot Wheels unseen in person and unplayed. My first impressions/comments after maybe 50 games or so:
Cabinet art is awesome. The colours and graphics really pop in person compared to photos. Well built and a real solid machine. Super easy to set up and mine is playing 95% out of box. Just a few minor tweaks needed.
The layout and shots on Hot Wheels I really enjoy. To me it really does feel like a shooters game. If you just flail randomly you will be punished. Once you figure out the shots they are satisfying but still no gimme’s on this one. They are tighter than they look. I like this. That left drain is a bloody monster. I love that it is not as easy as it looks. Nothing floaty for me here. Love the speed.
The sound effects, music and graphics are also really well done. I love the campy clay-type animations. They draw you into the theme and the game. It’s really funny actually. Sounds and callouts are immersive and I have no complaints here either.
The light show is great but I find not bright enough in a dark room. The middle of the playfield is exceptionally dark. I’m not sure what can be done there. I love playing my games in the dark but not Hot Wheels. I have to turn some room lights on or lose the ball in the middle especially tough during multiball.
The code and gameplay is really thought out and I like what is happening. That being said I really hope that it can be improved. There is such a great start but I think a few things would really enhance the gameplay for players like myself who really like to “accomplish” things. Reading the forums I can tell that American Pinball really is going to continue to work to make it better. That is partly why I decided to purchase.
With the layout, sounds, theme and everything it has going for it I believe with some code polish and expansion Hot Wheels can be a top 20 game for me for sure.
Overall I was SUPER surprised at how fun it is. This is not just for kids at all. I agree it has an amazing ability to make you want to play it again and I think it would do really well on location. Thanks American Pinball for a job well done.
6 years ago
Wow. What an amazing game. I have been blown away by the quality, the 24 month warranty, the inside and interactive topper. This game is too notch. The rules are tried and tested and it is so much fun.

The animations are amazing and the huge DMD is a game changer which no other game can compete with presently.

The manufacturer is a pleasure to deal with and their communication and service has been outstanding. Nvever thought I would give a game a 10 but this game has it all. New comers love it and experienced players like me can’t get enough of it.
6 years ago
My kids had a blast playing this game. I mean this is the first game with flippers and it takes bumping and nudging to make it work. For the age and year and the history this game provides I believe it over achieves.

You won't play another game like this. Hard to master and the games go really quick.

This is what started pinball as we now know it...

7 years ago
Waited so long for my GBLE and after playing it since new finally decided to sell it. Gets morning fast with the linear modes. Code is very weak and there is really nothing to do aside from start modes and chop wood. Sorry Stern you missed the mark on this much anticipated game. Selling mine for a $1000 loss and happy to be out.
8 years ago
game has a lot of flash when it was first released with hype about the theme and how great it was going to be. Unfortunately the game's shots are very clunky. Cheap drains are plenty and code is linear and gets boring really fast.

You literally have to take the same path playing the game time and time again. Really bad for home environment and perhaps even worse on location as it will suck back your credits in no time.

Stern has really disappointed on this one but you can't win them all i guess. Code update may help with the boredom but the gameplay is still really bad and uninspiring.
8 years ago
Bought the premium and wanted to love it but after 100 games or so I think it will be going up for sale. The canon just kills the flow in the game and is a complete waste of time. It also covers up the outlane so you can't nudge to save the ball on the right. The lower playfield is even worse! What were they thinking? It is just a waste of time and kills the flow of the game again. I guess if you are a real fan of the music you do get 12 tracks. I made it to Encore and that mode was actually a lot of fun. However overall for the money I would skip this one. Not even close to Metallica flow, fun and feel
8 years ago
My rating is based on the LE. In my opinion this is the most breathtaking, heart pounding and beautiful game Stern has ever and may ever produce. With over 18 different modes, the toys, the colour changing LEDs this game is as fun the first time as it is the 500th time. Game will never leave my collection. Wish Stern to make something this high quality again some day.
8 years ago
I found this game completely overhyped. Nothing really new here for me. Considered buying an LE and after playing the pro I was very happy I didnt. Code might help a bit but I just found the shots to be boring. Shooting I to the huge Gene Simmons head is super easy and can be done all day long. I am out on this one. Played more at expo and have increased my rating a bit. Game does have some nice flow and the shots are more difficult than I first thought. Still will not be a purchase for me unless they do some major code updates
8 years ago
I had heard a lot of negative comments about this game with the original code so I was not expecting much when I had to play it at a recent tournament. I must say that I was blown away! The theme is integrated so well into this machine. Killing zombies and working through the modes make you feel as if you are part of the walking dead tv show. I played about a dozen games at the tournament and had to pick up a pro myself after. The game makes you keep coming back for more and I know the code still has a major update coming. There is an amazing variety of shots. The sound effects and music really get intense. Of course the DMD animations are violent but that adds to the realism of the theme.

I believe everyone needs to give this game a chance. It is so different from all the recent rock music pins (AcDc , MET, KISS) and I find that very refreshing. I played my MET every day since I bought it until TWD arrived. Perhaps still in the honeymoon phase but time will tell. I like it more and more each play right now.
10 years ago
Tried to love this game but could not. Wizard of oz music was getting to the point it was making my ears bleed. On and on and on. The gameplay could not make up for this. You better love that title song if you are going to keep this one in your collection
10 years ago
This game will seriously kick your butt. The game is FAST - - Like a bolt of lightning! The theme is amazing and sparky as a playfield toy sets the bar at an entirely new level. What other game can give you the experience of frying someone in an electric chair? I love the speed. I love the deep, deep challenge of trying to get to the "end of the line" and I love the music. No other game integrates a bands music into a game as successfully as Metallica. The modes keep with the theme of the music (Battery, Seek and Destroy, FUEL, etc, etc). Each song with its own unique mode to complete in the game adds to the overall experience. This game does not boast long ball times. If you want to play long you have to be fast and have lightning quick reflexes. Sparky will throw the ball right down the middle before you even blink an eye! Awesome.
10 years ago
There is no pinball in history that follows a movie series as closely as Lord of the Rings. The game immerses you in each of the 3 movies as you work to destroy the ring and enter Valinor. Such a deep game with so many modes. Like the movies, there is a huge payoff to getting through it and enjoying every mode, every multiball and every challenge. However, like the movies, you will find it will take a long game to get to the end. Once mastered game times can take up to 2 hours and Valinor still challenges you to be the absolute best you can be. Deep, challenging and exciting modes keep this game fresh with each new start button press.
10 years ago
This game really does rock. The theme is amazing. The playfield toys are amazing. The game flows very quickly and the it is easy to understand what needs to be done. Collect the monsters, collect their instruments and ROCK OUT! Like other games of the era it is not incredibly deep but it offers an exciting experience everytime you play it. The challenge to get all monster modes active at one time and complete them is a great one. Perhaps the most fun a person can have watching the DMD screen and listening to the call outs. "Look master I am getting A Head" says Igore as he collects the head of Frankenstein. Too, too funny and there are so, so many of them. Should be considered one of the greatest games of all time.
10 years ago
Even after all these years, IJ still boasts one of the best themes in pinball. Action, Adventure and Suspense. This pinball really does put you inside one of the best movie franchises in history. The Gun handle ball launch, DMD video modes and upper playfield add to the unique experience this pinball offers. The game is not "deep" by today's standards but there is a great challenge offered by trying to get through each of the modes before attempting wizard. The 6-ball multiball combined with the wide body allow for some really exciting pinball action. I don't currently have this pin in my collection but I hope to get one soon. "See ya tomorrow Indiana Jones!"

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