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1 year ago
Let me start of this review by saying the game I have played the most on is set up very easy, so most people will have a different opinion. I've played a game that was set up normal and it was a drain monster, which I very much did not enjoy.

This is such a classic game with a very clear objective that rewards you when you achieve it - try to stack all three multiballs and cash in the jackpots. Has some scoring imbalance in regards to bats, but the main points are in stacking the multiballs. Some of the shots are dangerous and can be hard to hit. Also hard to keep this game working right because of the mist multiball optos, but when it is that's a very fun gimmick. The playfield on this game could have used one more toy or shot, it just feels a little to open. The video mode is cool, but I don't like that to score big points you have to intentionally wait to shot the wolves on the beginning levels.

A very fun game if you set it up on the easier side that will make you want to keep playing one more game. Classic
1 year ago
I had this game and was hoping it would be a keeper because of the theme. I really liked the ball lock and theme. Unfortunately a few issues with this game caused me to rush to sell it because I came to very much dislike it. The upper playfield is very annoying and doesn't feel very skill based, the ramps are steep and difficult to hit - they don't feel satisfying, and the biggest issue was the mode start - it is very difficult to start a mode on this game which makes achieving the wizard mode even harder. The backglass is awful and had to go. This was just a game not suited for me.
1 year ago
One of my top three favorite games. Every shot is satisfying and I enjoy the theme. The game is on the shallower side, so pro players may tire of it over time. The wizard mode is quite easy to get to, but not that easy to actually beat. Its still a very smooth, fun, and approachable game that most people can appreciate. I really enjoy every game on this pinball and working through all of the modes.
1 year ago
Beautiful game to look at and listen to. Unfortunately it is marred by to many airballs (at least in the example I played) and a wizard mode that is to easy to get to for my tastes. I could live without the lamp as I prefer playfields that are a little more open. I love the multiball start on this game and how you start modes. The modes make good use of the whole playfield. Throwing the fireball back at the genie seems to happen to often and isn't worth that many points.

Overall it is obviously a classic and worthy of being an A-lister, I would just rate it farther down that list than some other games.
1 year ago
Simply one of the best Stern machines there is. Has not one or two toys, but three main toys. Also has an upper playfield that requires strategy to maximize it's effectiveness. This is a very difficult game to achieve the wizard mode on, I have yet to get to the four winds multiball. What you have to do to get to the wizard mode is very clearly laid out on the compass in the middle of the playfield though so you always have a goal to work towards. This game also lends itself well to LED's and could be beautiful when done up properly. Just a blast to play every time.

Things that need improvement are the callouts. I really wish they had used the actual actors voices or even clips from the movie. No, instead they cheaped out and it shows. Fortunately there are options to replace the callouts and songs with ones from the movie. This game has slightly imbalanced scoring if you want to score a lot of points. Not as bad as shooting one shot like some games, but short plunging and going for tortuga is where the points are at. I also wish the wizard mode were a little easier to achieve, as I prefer that in my games. If you like games with long ball times, set this one up difficult or games can go on for quite some time.

Definitely pick POTC up if you see one for sale. It's a lot of fun and I don't think it will ever be leaving my collection.
1 year ago
I love Junkyard. Its theme is unique and honestly doesn't make much sense, but I like that about it. My favorite parts of the game are the junk collecting and building aspect, the time machine, and the crane toy. It has some great shots and there is always at least three shots you can go for from each flipper. Building up a large score takes quite some time and skill. The outer space wizard mode is a challenge to achieve, but always feels possible once you start racking up the junk. The ball gets moving very fast on this game and the shots are very satisfying.

Some of the things I don't love about JY are the difficulty of the toilet shot. Fortunately this shot is mainly used for collecting junk and building up the toilet jackpot. When you do hit it though, its a very satisfying shot and can be lucrative if you can build up the toilet jackpot for use during toilet adventure mode. I understand that the strobing is intentionally done due to the theme, but it's very hard to see the ball in a dark room and I don't like that personally. My final gripe is the skill shot, it's not the best and mainly just ignored.

Definitely pick up this rare pinball if you see one for sale and decide for yourself. I searched for quite a while for mine and don't think it will be leaving for some time.