Pinball in the basement

Pinball in the basement

By Pinballthusiast

August 31, 2011

6 years ago

My pinball interest can be traced back to my aunt & uncle's basement, where they had a 1968 Williams Student Prince EM machine. There was something that clicked with me about the combination of skill and luck relating to the game of pinball, and the sounds that go with the game too as well.

Being the first batch of a generation growing up with video games, I gravitated away from pinball and was allured by the cool factor of video game entertainment. Now, though as I've aged, I see the visceral magic in playing pinball and a different excitement that comes along with the experience. Plus, many of these machines from the past are new to me that I ignored during their original existence. Each machine, with it's unusual play field, gives the player a miniature shooting gallery to master.

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