About Pinball Shawn...

Written by PinballShawn on April 28th, 2012.


About Pinball Shawn...

Written by PinballShawn, published April 28th, 2012. 3 comment(s).

I'm a pinball restorer/repairer/collector from Pittsburgh. I basically collect Em pins and non-video arcade gun games and such. I have approximately 30+ pins in my collection ranging from 1940-1980. I'm not a huge fan of modern SS games, but I think they're cool. My heart lies in classic games, especially Penny Arcade type machines but I'll collect anything coin-op. I do complete ground up restorations, build MAME machines, and I'm hoping to build a Virtual Pin this year. My wife loves SS pins so I've collected a few early SS games, but I'm mostly interested in Williams. I would like a few early Bally's as well. My hobby is in the restoration, and not so much in playing them. I've never bought a pin that actually 'worked', but they're all near perfect when I'm done with them and that gives me a sense of pride. I get no satisfaction out of buying a nice game, again because it's all about the work for me.


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    NimblePin commented on April 30, 2012 08:37:10

    Welcome to the Pinside PS!
    I love the early gun games and I always have fun playing the vast EM collection at PPE every year. Glad to see someone keeping the historic torch lit!

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    RWH commented on May 01, 2012 13:11:57

    I share your interest in EM's but I also love the very early 80's SS pins. Look into some of the Gottliebs from the early 80's and you may find yourself a new love developing.

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    PinballShawn commented on May 31, 2012 05:55:45

    Thanks for the comments guys, sorry it took a while to see them!
    I'm always around pinball machines, so I'm very familiar with early GTB's. I wouldn't mind a Close Encounters, or a Charlie's Angels since I collect 70's memorabilia. However, I can't stand working on Sys-1 GTB's or Sys-80's. I can do it, they were just such bad engineering. GTB owned the EM world, but WMS definitely ruled the late 70's early 80's;)

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