Pinball Rulez - Introduction

By PinballRulez

January 01, 2011

9 years ago

Hi, my name is Leon and I come from The Netherlands.

I have been playing pinball since I was about 6 years. The only pin I can remember from that time is Fireball. Later on I had the privilege to play on the first 'speaking' pinball machine, Gorgar. All the money I used to get my hands on went into that pin ;-) Another pin I played a lot at that time was Time Warp and Rolling Stones. I spend a lot of time playing pinball and the list from the 80's en 90's pins I played would be way to long to write down.

I bought my first pinball when I got my apartment and could afford to buy a pinball machine. My first pin was Pinball Magic and what a game that is. Still my favorite for creating atmosphere, great light show (I love the dimming of lamps) and great 'tricks'. After that I got a Road Show (great pin, but a bit too easy for me and it took me mostly more than an hour to finish a game). Then the 'holy grail', a Medieval Madness. Definitely a great pin, but not my all time favorite. Sold the MM and bought a STTNG and TS. STTNG I played a lot when I went out, and it could not please me that much, so I traded it for a RFM. TS is really great. I like fast pins with a decent ruleset. Never completed the Final Battle :-( only one shot to go on the battlefield.

Then I wanted to get an AFM really bad. And found one. Man, what a lovely pin that is. And then.....there came kids :-) Did not play for about 4 years and decided that I would sell all my pins. I have only room for one pin now, in the living room. Sold my TS, RFM and AFM.

But no pin is no fun! Bought a pin that was high on my wish list for the last 5 years and finally got one. Bought a HUO TSPP. This is for sure one of the best pins ever made. Am I glad that someone posted a rule sheet on the internet. I knew the ruleset was deep, but that deep.

TSPP is gone, had a Tron, AC\DC, IJ and a Demolition Man.

Been in from the beginning (December 2012) on The Hobbit SE #90 but decided in August 2015 to cancel my order as in time I totally lost interest in TH.

Because I have room for only one pin now I really got interested in the concept of Heighway Pinball. Seems that their modular build is very well thought out. Also the use of new technology and a lot of in-house producing is very appealing. Got Full Throttle for a while, but becuase the wait for Alien got too long I decided to sell my Full Throttle so I could move on to another pin. Since then the proud owner of a good modded Metallica.

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