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5 months ago
5 years ago
6 years ago
Fast game with lot of flow and cool combos. Like the car toys, the eye and the crane.
Games looks great with insert leds and crane light mod.
7 years ago
My god, she's alive! Very nice pin with a lot of flow and nice combo shot. A bit linear rules but even now still fun to play.
7 years ago
Don't touch the door, don't touch the door......................

Great game with lots of toys, magnets and a lot to do. Great quotes. Overall a very fun pinball machine.
7 years ago
Yes, it is T2 redone with a nice music pack included. Nice for a short time, does not keep me coming back for more plays.
7 years ago
Good looking game, good flow and nice sound. For me it's a nice pin to look at, just cannot get into the gameplay.
7 years ago
Played this pin a lot during my term of office in the army (1991). Enjoyed it quit well then, but now it is just an average pin. It is fun, but not for long.
7 years ago
Played this game a lot during lunchtime on my work (those good old days '-)
Already liked highspeed, but this pin is much better. Supercharger is super cool as is shifting with your knee. Good layout and fun game.
7 years ago
Nice pin for beginners and experts. However, when you become good one game easily last for +1 hour. Nice use of red and ted.
7 years ago
Very good, if not the best film theme integration. Original voices of actors, cool!
Nice toys and gimmicks, very good playfield layout and complex subway system.

One on the best widebody) pins. Nice ruleset and challenging game.
7 years ago
Like the Pin2000 idea. Nice integration of monitor with lots of animations and humor. By no means as good as Attack from Mars, but a nice pin to have in your collection.
7 years ago
Great pin. I like the layout, theme, sound and fast play. Top pin, but a bit overrated.
A lot of fun, but not my all time favorite.
8 years ago
Really great and very fast game. Like the phurbas and the pin fits the film theme excellent.
A game to get into and not for novices. Overall a very fun and challenging game.
8 years ago
Very fun and underestimated pin. Great value for money. Good playfield design, droptargets! and a lot to do. Light effects are super for a pin of that time. Endgame is fun.
8 years ago
Very fun machine, but not for starters. Could turn you off because of de very deep rule set.

Not a pin for a quick game and you have to know the rules to enjoy it. Seems nearly to impossible to get to wizard mode. See for rule sheet.
8 years ago
Fast, Fun. Good music and animation. All fits the theme very well. My alltime favorite, for now '-)