Williams Zodiac , cant get it going

By pinballraider

January 23, 2023

11 days ago

I just got this , found some blown fuses/bulbs, replaced same and cleaned it up.

1. (After I push Game Over Rly to pick up ) Drop in Qtr , Press Credit Button :

     A. Score Motor Cam Sw. rotates one time ,Start & Coin Rlys pick up and drop out , Game Over Rly drops out . 

     B. Lock , 2nd Coin & Bonus Reset Rly picks up / locks in .

2. Press Credit Button again :

     A. Score Motor Cam Sw rotates one time , 2nd Coin Rly drops out , Coin Rly picks up drops back out , Bonus reset Rly still picked up .

3. Press Credit button again , nothing happens 

    A. Bonus Rly is still picked up 

4. AND Where do i plug in the Ball Button ?


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