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1 day ago
A WOZECLE fell in my lap for a killer price. But it had the dreaded lighting issue. Another pinsider locally was upgrading to the 2.0 and was kind enough to donate his old 7.5 setup. So after a few weeks of "dialing in" my WOZ was playing correctly. I have to say, I spend a ton of time with the hood up on this game. It seems like something is always just a tiny bit off. So I lowered the rating on build quality because of this. Other then that, this is dang near a perfect game. I too was so so over the theme. But after owning it for a few months, the theme is perfect for the game. Asides from the lighting system, the lighting show is probably the best out there.
This is one of those games, the more you plan the deeper you get. The best way to play it is one objective at a time until you master that objective. Then master another and another, Set a foundation to get to wizard mode.
This game will withstand the test of time in a small or large collection.
61 days ago
No matter how many times I play this game, it remains fun. I have pinball ocd, I go through games like no other. My 1st FP was missed so much I got a 2nd then a 3rd, which I sold to another FP junkie.
The rules are simple, and the multiball is more fun to get then to actually play. The sounds are horribly great. I have no clue whats going on with the art package but who cares its just cool.
I spend a lot of time at the museum of pinball in Banning, Ca. And this is one of the go to games for all the volunteers. Maybe thats why its special to me.
82 days ago
Not sure I get the hype. It's a fun shoother but it's very repeat a Tiverton.
Sounds are some of the best in pinball.
3 months ago
The Good:
Multiball start is nicely done, even though it's shit, literally, I mean Mr. Hankey. Killing Kenny never gets old, when he survives, it's even funnier. Quotes on this game are spot on (not as good as family guy, but that game came out a decade later) and the artwork is true to the paper cut graphics of the show.

The Bad:
Useless right flipper and left side of the PF. How this design ever evolved into TSPP is beyond me. Still, that's what I see on this deck. Rules are uninspired and not worth getting into other than stacking your shots for multiball. Points is points in a tournament. You probably will not see this game in a serious tourney, ever. This is another game that has a designer that is embarassed to list their name on the credits of this table, and rightly so. Finally, to whomever made the decision to take out the swearing audio and the video mode... Damn you, damn you to hell (Mr. Garrison). That is the whole point of the show and it should be for the pinball game... humor through irreverence. Note to self... get the proto roms.

The Takeaway: Lots of people played this game because it was... entertaining, to the South Park viewer. Serious pinheads may be left with something to desire. Humorless twits need not apply. It could be worse though... it could be Austin Powers.
4 months ago
It first glance this game looks like it has nothing going on for it. Then you learn the rules and they change everything. The mechanics of how this game work are insane. The schematics are twice as long as a 4 player game from the late 70s. Its engineering at its finest. I am not a huge Em guy. But I love a good game. I love a good target EM, and cranking some spinners ain't so bad. But this game is different in a way I did not think was possible with 68 tech. Its downright amazing.
Someone below explained the rules very well so I will not bore you with it again. Set this up for Conservative and try to beat the dealer. It's so addictive. Hands down best blackjack game ever.
I am about to own one, so this review will change after 6 months.
4 months ago
Outstanding art and sound package. Game play is simple enough to understand but hard to achieve. I opened the outlanes all the way to enhance the need to nudge.
This game is not for everyone, as I learned in the forum area. check out the pinside forum about the game being so damn fruity. Only on PS......
10 months ago
Now I get it. Plays fast and loud. It's Metal. It's ugly but beautiful and obnoxiously loud. The flow is awesome. The game makes me feEl like a pinball wizard. The only downfall is it took me this long to buy one.
11 months ago
This was my 1st NIB. I love this game to death. OG meets NS. Mine lasted 2 weeks before I sold it. Within 2 weeks I was up to reactor 4 most games. So I question Lastability in a collection. I choose to sell it for purchase price hoping that over time the price drops. For 4k, this would stay forever. For 6500, you can buy a Houdini or AFMR or a few machines.
11 months ago
PIcked up one at an Estate Sale. Cleaned it and got it going again with a few parts here and there. Like most say its fun for a few games. The backwards flipper shots are great. The music and sound effects are fun for the time. And kicking the dude in the nuts never gets old.
11 months ago
This game has FLOW. Fun shots all around. The dmd animation with a colordmd is on point. Call outs are fun and limited so you do not get annoyed by the same thing over and over. Claw is cool but slows down the game, beer break. Great game if you can nab one for around 2k. Its a lot of machine for the money.
Just put some mirror blades in mine and man it looks nice.
This game is gonna stay around awile.
11 months ago
After what seemed like ages of drooling over my buddys TFTC he sold it to me. The game is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. Not the deepest game but never dull. The ramp system is pretty top notch. This game is IMO DE's best game of this system.
1 year ago
I will start off by saying this review is bias, I own one. And it in mint shape and heavily modded.
Gameplay can be played easy or hard. Rules are simple and deep. Theme? Well Simpsons have been on TV since the Tracey Ullman Show. The light show is fantastic and easily moddable to make it even better. Its sort of family friendly.
Add a color dmd and you would think this is a much newer game.
I bought this from a guy that is a pb wizard and he says after years its still a challenge. If a deep ruleset and silly fun is what you need this is it.
1 year ago
This has become my go to pin on a friday night. Grab a cool one and grab a seat.
The light show is fantastic. The music is awesome. 2 full length tracks.
Plays fast and fun. Captive switch ball is great too.
Led this thing and it sparkles. I also added GITD rubbers to really bring out the 80s feel.
Unlike the allied leisure and game plan stuff, this is legit pinball. And a small part of pinball history.

The pinside scoring for this is way off balance. There is no BG or cabinet artwork to score. So it drops the score way down.
1 year ago
So I got some time in on the machine set up at GSPF and damn its a fun game. Creative shots, Music and sfx went well with the theme. But there is a huge butt. I suck at pinball and I played 1 ball for over 10 minutes. I had so many multi-balls it was hard to keep count. Then my buddy stepped up and played his ball, for 9 minutes (1 minus less then me, because he sucks just slightly more). So 2 terrible players lasted 19 minutes on 2 balls. We let the next guys in line take over. I am seriously hoping they had the game set to simple mode. Still interested in playing it again on a different machine, a new review might follow.
1 year ago
Let me start by saying that MM ans AFM are 2 of my favorite games. That said this is right up there with them on the A-list. True the BG art sucks, grab a Aurich Alt BG and throw some purple lighting in this thing and man its a good looking machine. The music and sounds flow perfect. The captive ball is the best in pinball. And its a hard damn game. Simple enough rules had my novice friends playing real pinball in minutes. All around the best bargain in pinball next to HS2.
1 year ago
Spent 6 hours on this table last night. This morning i woke up and started listing my whole collection for sale.
At the end of 6 hours game play we realized not 1 game was the same. The main goal was the same but the modes change everytime. I know this is normal on sterns too, but you dont need a 300 page instruction book and 20 internet videos to learn it. It simple enough for the casual player to feel like they are playing like Keith O.
The light show is smooth and fluid. The BG animation does not look like a video editor with turrets. Its simple yet entertaining.
Sterns dead. Games like this and TNA are the future.
1 year ago
Am i missing something? Once all drop targets are down they do not reset? Loser, Bought and sold in the same week.
1 year ago
Let me start off by saying I am a car guy. So the theme is right up my alley.
I had a HS and the only way that game left my home was for a HS2. Whats not to like with this game. Simple ruleset. Difficult shoots. Awesome light show. Just simple fun pinball.
2 years ago
Super creative game with awesome artwork.
Game play flow seems choppy.
I love the music and sound.
2 years ago
Just a fun game. Simple rules. But the return value is huge. And its hard to walk away from. Not to deep. But thats why they made a part 2.
2 years ago
Am I the only one that thinks the dude in the picture is Charlie Sheen.
Game play and callouts are repetitive but fun. Soundtrack is simple but flows nicely with game play.
Its a pretty simple game. Knock down 3 targets go for the ramp/drop for each color. How to get the wizard is simple to understand but hard to accomplish.

All in all its a simple fun, ultra addictive pin. One of these days my buddy is gonna come home to a space where LW was......
2 years ago
After spending a few hours on this machine my opinion has changed. I love it. The new coding has turned this into a pretty awesome machine for under 5k. The shots are difficult and and the stacking of modes make it hard to follow for a newbie. But once I got that I did not have to chase modes and play under control (with the force) I started to really enjoy it. Scoring seemed way out of whack, My scores closing out modes did not compare to "button mashing" scores. Maybe that's something I will figure out soon. My opion on Stern game stays the same, very HUO feel. But for 5k it surprising they can make machines at all.
And I really believe the Pro is the way to go. For 3k less its the same game. I would like metal instead of plastic ramps. But the death star loop is a huge slowdown of game play. IMO.

Original review the week it was released, terrible coding.
I really wanted to love this game. At the end of the day it felt rushed and lacking playfield targets. Shot the ramps over and over. It felt very Home Use Only. Kind of like thes late 70s home versions of real Pins.
On that note, I am looking forward to trying the Premium and the LE. They look pretty hot.
2 years ago
This game is a bore. I could not get rid of it quick enough.
2 years ago
I get it. We love EK, but his pin is just ok. Maybe I am missing something. I get bored on this game very fast
2 years ago
Talk about Simple. Yet I keep playin it. Its a great game to dial your ball control skills on.
Could be one of the ugliest back glasses ever. And i somehow broke mine and had to buy a new one from BGResto. The BG cost double what i paid for the whole machine. But its still alive and kickin.
This was mu first pin. So it could be the hardest for me to fairly grade.
2 years ago
I straight up simple game. With just enough stuff to keep returning again. Great for a small group of friends to have a few competitive games. I upgraded the mpu. Now it has a skill shot, ball save, attraction mode a few other gimicks. Great pin that can be had for a good price.
2 years ago
Pretty fun game. ReLamp in LEDs and it is way more fun.
Simple rule set but the game is replayable.