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April 9th, 2016

February 19th, 2019

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Background story

Went to the Arcade Expo 2.0 in Banning and came home with a $100 SuperStar

“Bought my first machine 1/15/2015 a Williams SuperStar @  the Arcade Expo 2.0 in Banning Ca for 100.  If only then I knew that 100 would drag me down into a pinhole that I may never get out of.  So I brought this Superstar pin home and had   ... continued here

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favorite games

Dialed In
1. Dialed In

Jersey Jack Pinball, 2017

Total Nuclear Annihilation
2. Total Nuclear Annihilation

Spooky Pinball, 2017

Metallica (Pro)
4. Metallica (Pro)

Stern, 2013

Shadow, The
5. Shadow, The

Bally, 1994

Tales from the Crypt
6. Tales from the Crypt

Data East, 1993

High Speed
8. High Speed

Williams, 1986

Laser War
9. Laser War

Data East, 1987

Demolition Man
10. Demolition Man

Williams, 1994


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