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7 days ago
Great ruleset. Unique game, especially fun for people who used to watch the TV show. Moving to season two in the game adds Batgirl and Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman to the fight sequences.
7 days ago
The UV kit and projectors have made this game popular with my grandkids.
7 days ago
One of my favorite games in my collection. So many shots and such deep code.
11 months ago
The artwork and playfield is spectacular. I am just not into the music. AC/DC lasted 6 years in my collection and this one only made it two months. The auto plunger shot only worked 40% of the time, even after the fix, and this was frustrating.
11 months ago
Fun game with a lot of challenging shots and modes.
11 months ago
Have had this machine in my collection for 6 years. The J. K. Simmons callouts add to the game. The modes are great, too, such as the Macho Man mode. Grandkids love this game, so it will likely stay in the collection for awhile.
11 months ago
The disco mode it great. The Katana sword ramp adds to one of the best playfields I have ever played. Funny callouts, Boom button. A machine that I go back to play a lot.
11 months ago
The great effort that Elvira put into her callouts and humor make this game a keeper. Lighting up different windows in the haunted house to go through different modes of horrible B-movies is great. The Gargoyles bouncing so high they hit the glass keeps the grandkids amused. The trailer at the end of the game is a great addition and adds to the replayability.
11 months ago
Classic game, way ahead of it's time. The idea of the trunk setting up each of the Magic tricks is great. The multiball magnet start is fantastic.
11 months ago
Had this game 5 years ago and will probably get it again. Really liked the theme and my kids loved when the T-Rex would eat the ball.
11 months ago
Have had this game for a week now and have played it non-stop. Huge GnR fan, so that helps. The playfield and layout are amazing. The music is fantastic. The light show is spectacular. I will need to have my brother-in-law come play this game soon, just so I can time how long it takes for the Live and Let Die lightshow to induce one of his seizures. One improvement that could be made is to have an option to choose the 80's/90's band images instead of the Not in this Lifetime concert footage (yes, I know the game is based on the recent Not in this Lifetime tour). Don't Cry, Sweet Child O' Mine, and November Rain were such classic videos that it would be nice to be able to view these videos while playing the game (maybe there will be a Cleland mod in the future). I have been trying to introduce my teenage daughters to how talented Axl Rose is. Superficially, it does not have as much of an impact on them when he currently looks like the actress from Throw Momma from the Train.