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Pinsider Pinballlew has rated 7 machines.

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Rating comments

Pinballlew has written 7 rating comments:

4 years ago
I don't have tons of play on this machine...played it quite a bit at three different shows. This game is just plain fun and challenging. I love the right ramp on the pro and the difficulty overall of the machine. I am a fan of the much debated flipper gap and like the outlanes tough. I think this would make a excellent pin in the home environment.
4 years ago
I love the artwork, theme, music, sound and overall fun of this game. This game is fun, its downfall being is that it would not be a good game in a small collection as far as gameplay. It is fun but not deep in the least.
4 years ago
RUDY! Best playfield toy ever IMO. I just love this game, especially Rudy taunting you as you play. Great fun and I can't wait to own this title again.
4 years ago
Owned this in the past and really enjoyed it. Seemed to have very long ball times though...which I tend to get bored with. Great game but I got bored of it having it in the house...probably due to only having a couple of games and it just got played to death.
4 years ago
Swords has some of the best music in pinball IMO. Love the intensity of it and for getting you emotiionally tied to the game play. Great game that was at my local arcade growing up.
4 years ago
This is the pinball that I grew up on. Love this game ever since I played it.
4 years ago
First off this game is extremely family friendly. I think I am in the minority but I love this game. I was a fan of the PC game though which the pinball stays true too.

The layout is definitely unique and is designed very well. I truly wish this title would have sold better and stern would have allowed a little more time to tweak this code as this game could have been fantastic. I will say that I do think the game is great as it sits though.

If you don't know what is going on and do not learn the rules you will not truly appreciate this game for what it is. It is definitely fun and a great scoring pin when you understand how to get a high score. It is very easy to play the game for noobs but will challenge the higher end players as this game requires skill to get a top score. Getting to the wizard mode can be very easy if you time out the modes but if you truly understand the rules and gathering guests aspect of the game then you quickly learn that the wizard mode jackpot scoring directly correlates to how well you did on those modes and how many guests are in your park. Cleaning up on the wizard mode by scoring all 4 jackpots and then shooting the rocket coaster (yellow ramp) to get a 4x superjackpot is really awesome. Doing it twice during the timed wizard mode is thrilling and I challenge anyone to try and accomplish it.