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2 years ago
Awesome reboot of the black knight series.

I was impressed as to how they made the game modern and it still feels like black knight!
2 years ago
The game is smooth as butter and easy to play.
I wish somehow they did more to immerse me into the Wonka world.
2 years ago
I love the lower lock behind the drops to start multiball.
Really fun to play.
2 years ago
I played a few of these NIB.
At first it seems over populated and clunky.
But once you find the shots and learn a few of the rules, its a really fun game.
2 years ago
played quite a few games on this.
Tons of cool toys.
Love the Katana Sword lol.
2 years ago
the react flippers and the upper playfield really set this apart from other games.

Its graceful yet can be blisteringly fast at the same time.
I really enjoy playing this game.
2 years ago
If you can find a nice example of this game, its a joy to play.
Really fun!
2 years ago
I have has 2 of these games and just coudnt get into it.
Its fun but not for me.
2 years ago
I played this recently at TPF,
Challenging but fun enough to put a few games on it.
2 years ago
In the early 80's I simply could not get enough of this game.

When everything falls into place during a game, the multiballs with the magna saves are EPIC!
2 years ago
really fun to play
2 years ago
I love this game.
Brutal at times but highly rewarding at others.
3 years ago
Diner is a completely under-rated game.
Shots are challenging, theme is engaging and approachable.

People just live to play it!

It's just plain fun!
4 years ago
The remake of this game has outdone the original in so many ways.
The lighting and sound is light years ahead of the original and enhances an already amazing game.
4 years ago
I just played this game and sadly a lot of the switches wouldnt register any hits. I just couldnt get anywhere in this game due to its poor quality and balls getting stuck. I imagine I would have to go to someones house and play it.
Im just not a fan of the music at all.
It was very easy to shoot, stupidly easy and lacks challenge. Ball times remind me of Hobbit.
I played my regular 20 games on it to see if I wanted to buy it.
Im not sold.
4 years ago
Houdini is a players game. Fun, amusing, brutal and simple. Its the whole package.
You either love or hate it.
Very challenging yet very rewarding. It wont get old or too easy to play and boring, It always leaves you ready for "just one more game".
I can see this game becoming a much loved game for either the home or in tournament play,as much as Twilight Zone is.
5 years ago
I have played the SE sample game and its beautiful.
The new 2X size color display in high resolution really brings this game to life.
Finally the screen animations look as they were intended, Its amazing what the artists have done with this title.
The enhanced sound system lets you hear all the sounds as well as a deep rich music content.
The playfied quality is amazing and beautiful.
AFM is a classic game will everything you would want in a pinball game. Its campy humor and exciting rule set keeps people coming back for more.
5 years ago
I think the game play matches the theme really well.
Its fun to roll over the score on this one!
5 years ago
Really like this game.
Red and Ted work great together, its a lot of fun.
6 years ago
I think its a good representation of the films.
If your a fan of the films then its a must have.
Game is fun for awhile, a little repetitve, shots are clean and fairly easy to make.
The colors are bold and bright, the playfield is not too cluttered.
6 years ago
Very fast game.
Brutal drains.
Tough to play.
A little repetitve in game play, but I like more of a quest based game.
It was fun for my first 20 games, but I moved on.
6 years ago
I played 30 game on this and its a fun game but:
Flipper gap too wide
Balls jump over guides a lot and end up draining.
Its a shooters game, you must make the shots accurately.
Lots of airballs, adds a kind of randomness but not in a fun way.
Its a drain monster, in 30 games I had a few good games but not enough to play it again or buy the game at full retail price.
Adding a post to the center drain really helps this game.
Although I do agree that its one of Sterns best games to date.
Dont get me wrong, It really is a fun game! But I think it needs serious tweaking and adjustments to get it to play right.
6 years ago
Fun game, surprisingly popular with the female players.
6 years ago
TZ is a players/shooter game. Deep rules and satisfying shots if you make them. Very hard for the novice player but challenging and rewarding for the better players.

And the incredible Twilight Zone track from Golden Earring!
6 years ago
the most popular pin I own, really fun and funny.
6 years ago
Simply amazing.
A lot of hate for JJP on pinside so readers please disregard the haters.
With regular code updates this game has gone from incredible to amazing!
6 years ago
A fast playing game with great loops and combos.
The use of magnets and magic tricks is impressive.
8 years ago
The game is just plain fun!
Easy for novices and challenging for experts.

A blast to play.
8 years ago
Excellent pinball game. Challenging for the experts, easy and fun for the novices.
A beautifil game. Verion 6.0 software is all the difference in the world "EXCELLENT". The game code now near completion is amazing.