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5 years ago
Love the spinners and the two independent bonus ladders. This is a great four player EM. Suffers a little from the typical 70's art, but overall a very fun EM.
5 years ago
Was excited to own this game because I was intrigued by the drop rules. Ultimately I decided to shrink my collection down and this was an easy one to let go of.
5 years ago
Love the chimes and the rollovers. Great looking game, but better off in a larger collection.
5 years ago
Love the theme and the light show, but ultimately got boring after a few months.
5 years ago
Really liking this game, a lot more then I thought I would. Prior owner (shout out to Jabbles) really did a good job of tuning it for short brutal games. Really exciting to play and has that "just one more game" appeal. I am not a soccer fan and the theme doesn't do anything for me, but this is currently the most played pin in my collection.
5 years ago
Loved this pin and hated to trade it away but wanted to change things up a bit. Definitely is a pin I would like to own again someday. Incredible music that varies based on number of ball currently locked. Love how many shots you have to choose from from each flipper. Love the bi-directional tunnel and the upper playfield drops. Top 3 System 11 game for sure.
5 years ago
Best Data East game I have owned, but feels very similar to the others in terms of sounds and responsiveness. Upgraded my ROMs to 6.0 and it dramatically improved the overall game experience by the increased ball save time and the random start mode.
5 years ago
Love the theme and gameplay of this pin. Fast and brutal with an asymmetrical layout.
5 years ago
One of my favorite games of all time and has been with me the longest out of all my pin. No plans on ever selling it unless I can find a better one. Top 3 System 11 pin and best bang for your buck pin, IMHO.

Love the music and sound package, love the upper playfield and the ramps. Fast, flowy, and lots of drops.

Only minor detraction is that the playfield art doesnt line up with the backglass and plastics.
5 years ago
Love the look of this game and the theme. Love the spinner! Not sure how long it will last in my collection, but good, simple 4 player EM. First played it at Pin-a-Go-Go and knew I had to own it for awhile.
5 years ago
This was my first EM and absolutely loved it. I am a sucker for a good set of drops. At first I focused on drops, but after a week or two I started going for the upper saucers and trying to light A B and C. Fun game to roll score on, if it seems too easy, you haven't pitched it enough and waxed it enough. Fast game with short ball times.
6 years ago
Super fun game play and I enjoy the short ball times. Love the taunts as well. Great game in a larger collection.
6 years ago
My first System 9 (I have since owned or babysat all of them). I loved the call outs but didn't care for the backglass. Little too simple for my taste and didn't own it for long.
6 years ago
While I absolutely love playing this game and love the theme, I worry I won't want to own it unless I have a big collection. Suffers from very long game times which would get old in a smaller collection.
6 years ago
Absolutely love the music, call outs, and theme with this pin. Main detraction for me was no multi-ball.
6 years ago
The pros are the deeper rule set and affordability of the machine. But I just cant get over the theme.
7 years ago
This is a game I had been wanting for a long time, and I finally picked it up this year. Really enjoy the layout, the theme, and how hard the game can be.
7 years ago
Top 3 System 11 for me! Love the theme, the sounds, and the game play. Keeps me coming back for more plays. While I am currently borrowing one, I certainly hope to own this title some day.
7 years ago
Considered by many to be the deepest and best System 11 game. I really enjoyed owning it, but after some time, I was ready to try something new. I think this is a great SS pin to own in a small collection or as the only pin in a collection.
7 years ago
This was the game I fell in love with in the arcades and was the first pin I decided to buy. I never ended up owning it but I do have one in my house (storing for a friend). I absolutely love the theme, the look, the sounds, and the era. However, this one gets a little old for me now that I have logged serious time with it. It could be that I have struggled mastering it and that has soured me, so take my review with a grain of salt.
7 years ago
As much as this game has going for it, I got bored of it within a month of owning it. It was my first DMD and I liked the combo of using the gun and trying to keep the ball alive but there just wasn't enough there to keep me coming back. "Ok ok ok ok" wasn't as bad as other make it out to be and never bothered me. The backglass on the other hand was a bit obnoxious.
7 years ago
Loved this pin enough to seek one out and buy it. After a month is lost is luster as it became obvious this is a more shallow pin rule wise and the awesome jump shot was not enough to keep it in my collection.
7 years ago
This was a game I was positive I was gonna love. I had played it often before buying my own. Love the theme, the art, the sound package, but for whatever reason it didn't hold my interest after a few month. If I had room and money for a very large collection, this would definitely have a place in it.
7 years ago
A great system 11 that I owned for awhile. I can only have so many games so had to make the hard decision and trade this one out.
7 years ago
This was my first machine and I have no plans of every letting it go. I come back to it time and time again. I love the flow, the speed, and the sounds. Amazing game and classic System 11 that proves you don't have to spends thousands of dollars to have a great game.

Update 7/21/2015
Finally let it go as it was not getting played much any more. After doing everything you can do, I realized it had lost some of its luster. Still a great game and theme. Still think its one of the best pins to begin with too due to availability and cost. But in terms of my personal tastes, I have moved more into earlier solid state pins that are more difficult to master.