Pinball Gypsy journey

By PinballGypsy

November 14, 2020

70 days ago

I loved pinball growing up.  My dad bought Take Five when I was just a kid and I played that game so much growing up.  I didn't actually realize my passion for pinball until a few years ago, I was dating a guy and he asked if I wanted to join a local pinball league with him.  That was transformational.  I wasn't good at all, I just enjoyed attending, playing, and learning from the others in the league.  Everyone was so accepting, helpful, and wanted to see others excel in games that they helped each other out by explaining how to play various games.  I took a break from league for a while, but never lost my desire to play and would spend any free time I had going and playing pinballl.  I joined the league again in late 2019, playing with old and new friends until we weren't allowed anymore because of the virus.  There was no way I was going to be on lock down and not enjoy pinball, so I rented a game for my apartment during the lock down.  Circus Voltaire was one of my favorites when playing league, so that's what I rented.  It's just different having one in your space than it is seeking them out.  I never really got good at Circus Voltaire, but it was nice to have to play when I wanted to release some stress.  

I moved recently and have the ablity to travel, and so begins this part of my pinball journey.  I'm currently traveling about the country visiting friends and family along the way while also finding cool places to play pinball!!  I have no problem walking in somewhere and throwing some quarters into a machine and pressing start.  The first part of my journey will last until Christmas, when I'll land in Kansas City, MO.  I'll be traveling through NC, SC, Atlanta, AL, Memphis, Arkansas, and then finally KC.  If you know of any cool spots along the way that I should DEFINIETLY hit up, let me know!  

You can follow my travels on Instagram under Pinballgypsy  -  Now, off to explore!!

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